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How did you feel when you hit 21 years of age?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 2 weeks ago

Can you remember that far back?
Were you married yet?
Had kids?

Today was my daughter’s 21st & so inspired this here train of thought.

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I felt like the world was my oyster. I spent my birthday in Laguna Beach with my closest friends; I remember watching the sunset over the ocean out on the rocks that stick up through the water and buying my first bottle of booze from a nearby Ralph’s. I had just come back from studying abroad, which had been an amazing experience and I knew I only had one year left until graduation so it felt like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. No obligations then other than finishing college. Granted, this was only eight years ago, but my mindset has changed a bit since then. Life has slowed down a bit in recent years.

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Ready to hit the clubs with my girls!

I also enjoyed having my adult friends take us out to listen to live music and things like that, I felt very grown up. We went with my besty’s parents to the lake and all kinds of events after we were legal.

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Didn’t feel like much of anything. I was in college and nothing changed.

I grew up legal in clubs at age 18, and had been going out dancing with a fake ID since age 16. I didn’t drink, so I didn’t care about drinking. Turning 18 I went out and used my ID for the first time and the bouncer who knew me just shook his head when I told him it’s my birthday.

In college I transferred to a 21 drinking age state (I was a Sophomore and 19 when I transferred) but you could get in the bars if you were 18. I didn’t drink so that part didn’t matter, I just wanted to go out dancing, and I made sure I’d be able to before applying to the school.

I don’t even remember what I did on my 21st birthday. I guess I went out? Not sure.

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I’m old, but not so old that I can’t remember the good old days!!! Literally speaking, I felt exactly like I did the day before when I was still 20. Emotionally, I found it freeing as I was considered a legal adult & I no longer lived with my parents so I was free & legal & dad couldn’t direct my life any longer!!! He could try to guide it, but I had the final say in what I was going to do whether he approved or not.

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I felt pregnant. I was pregnant with our first son.

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I was a brand new mom, divorced and back home with my loving, supportive parents

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Age 19 years old married.
At age 20 had first child ..went back to work when baby was 4 months old.
At age 21 Working steady .
After five years moved into our own condo three bedroom condo.
Age 29 had third child.
Age 31/32 filed for divorce and moved with my children into a three bedroom condo ( rental )

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Note: How did I feel at age 21 ?
I was burdened with heavy responsibilities , but became a much stronger person because of it.

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That was the day that M. Bison graced my village. It was the most important day of my life.
But for him, it was tuesday.

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I remember feeling young, dumb & full of cum!
Was to be another 8yrs before I settled & had my first child.

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It was totally uneventful. I didn’t go out drinking or do anything fun. I probably worked on my college homework. i don’t think my 2 roommates even knew it was my birthday.

At the time I figured I would be an automotive or aerospace engineer. I was not too far off.

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Very drunk.

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Like I’d been 21 for last 3 years.

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I don’t remember specifically. I know I lived in NY, where the drinking age had been 18 (and I hit 18) and then they raised it to 21 so I could then drink legally, as I’d been drinking illegally for a few years. The drinking part was not thrilling because I was not and have never been a big drinker. I know my parents always did something special around my birthday, like a special dinner. I don’t remember what or where. As for how I felt, I don’t recall so I guess nothing different.

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