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Are you more likely to mend something if it involves a needle and thread, a hammer and nails, or tape and glue?

Asked by Jeruba (51895points) July 13th, 2020

What’s your fix-it style? What do you tackle and what do you hand over to someone more skilled?

What do you just let go? “It was bound to break sooner or later anyway. I guess I’ll use it until it actually falls apart.”

How do you fend off chaos?

Tags as I wrote them: repair, mending, DIY, fix-it, skill, tools, decline and decay.

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All of the above.
I’m good with my hands.
And I hate being wasteful.

Though if it requires a knowledge of electronics, I’ll concede defeat.

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Nuts and bolts.

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I’m pretty handy and I enjoy it. I can’t do in-wall plumbing or electric, but I do most other stuff myself because I really like to.
Well, nowadays, not quite as much, age has done some damage, but I would still rather fix something myself than hire someone. And I love love love power tools.

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I do the sewing usually. If it needs a hammer or glue typically my husband does it, but not necessarily.

My husband has stitched socks and I have used a screw driver, but that’s usually when the other isn’t around or the other wants to throw the item out.

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Hammer and nails. And a staple gun.

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If I’m being quite honest, I’m the type who throws something away and gets a new one. Depends on what it is, though. I like working on electronic stuff if it’s something I have some potential to fix.

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All of the above and a few more. After a Lifetime of learning how to build, fix, machine, stitch, cook, design, code, solder, saw, glue… I can bring most things back to life, give them a new repurposed life or conjure them from scratch. I don’t weld though. It’s on my short list of things to learn.

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I like to screw.

With a screwdriver of course. (Get your mind out of the gutter)

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All of it as a single mother I had to learn ( libraries ) and now you tube videos available on instructions.
I even wallpapered,painted,and minor repairs on the home.

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Tape and glue, maybe something creative. Or don’t fix it. Or get someone else to fix it.

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Hell. Wallpaper, painting,
mudding and fixing a toilet is a piece of cake compared to sewing.

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My disabilities have slowed me down a lot, but I still try to do as much stuff myself as I can.
I’m currently sleeping in my living room because I’m doing some repairs on my bed. I have to take everything in short spurts.
I need to get some tools carried outside. I bought an electric scooter. Since I can’t take it in and out, I have to build a little barn for it. The lumber is waiting for me to have a good day the same time as the weather does.

I do some hand sewing to make repairs.
I tinker with this and that, but I leave major appliances, and plumbing alone.
I have a few pieces of furniture I would like to refinish. They need it and I’m very good at it, but I’m always so far behind on other things.

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I hate to waste things so I will try to fix whatever is broken – even if it takes more time than it’s worth. l use any of the techniques mentioned above where applicable but use epoxy instead of glue. I have a selection of epoxies with different working times, 5, 15, 30 minutes, that fix most anything.
If I can’t fix it, the item ends up in the basement to be used for something else. Sadly, my basement is a mess.

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^ :D
All of the above and if I can’t do it my husband can,

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I can handle all three scenarios but do not enjoy sewing.

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