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Does anyone who has partials have trouble eating or speaking?

Asked by Harper1234 (854points) July 13th, 2020

Looking for some information about partials and how they affect your life. Is it hard to eat or speak or keep clean? Do you take them out and wash them? What do you use to keep them in or are they wired in? Any info will help.

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I had four lower teeth taken out and got a partial..of which it was very hard to get used to using them.
I found it hard to eat anything and always had this feeling of something in my mouth of which was told that one gets used to this?? I never did and go without them now as some others do as well.
I wished that I had Implants instead , but the costs were too much but now the costs are getting affordable.
Plus new technology of growing your own teeth is developing.
Talk personally to others ( hockey players, football players, accident victims that had replacement teeth or dentures…some adjusted to it, I did not).

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I had upper and lower partials. I hated them.
They wobbled when I ate, so they scraped against my existing teeth.
Yes, you have to clean them, in fact more often than regular teeth. Food gets caught in all the parts.
Eating any foods which are hard or tough hurts.

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If you cannot afford implants what’s the next best thing?
Are dentures better?

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Dentures have their own drawbacks, but so much better than partials IMO. The bottom is the most problem, so if you can get by with just an upper, you should discuss that option with your dental provider.
Your gums will recede with time. An upper stays in place by creating a suction with the roof of your mouth. You will quickly learn to suck with your mouth closed, making that suction tight. It helps with the lower denture at first, but as the gums recede, the lower has nothing to hold it in place. That’s why I say if you can manage with only pulling the uppers, you are better doing that.
It is very important that you make sure you have the best possible professional to obtain dentures. Some are fine with extractions and fillings, but when it comes to dentures, there are various steps involved, and some just don’t have the necessary expertise. Measurements to ensure your bite lines up correctly, for instance. I walked out on one dentist because the “student” taking my impression had my upper lip tucked in, which would have been a disaster for the fit. I was pointing and grunting and I was told gruffly that I needed to hold still for the impression to “take”. She was holding the tray of goop in my mouth with one hand, and my head with the other. I finally had to physically shove her away.
This kind of thing is why I say if you can shop around, go online and Google perspective providers and see what feedback they get. If all the comments are about caps, fillings, and the appearance of the lobby, I would look elsewhere. Look for comments like good fit, and love my new smile.
One final thing, a very old, country dentist in a tiny town gave me this advice.
After extractions there will be bleeding. Take a clean, dry (never used) tea bag. Bite down on it, and keep it there for a few minutes. It will stop the bleeding, and help to ease the pain. I thought he was nuts, but I tried it. It worked. You don’t have to bite hard, just enough to hold it in place.
It has been several years since I had the partials. Maybe they make them better now, but I doubt it. If you have any people who have had partials in recent years, go more by what they say on that, than me.
Dentures, full or partial, are for a long time. They are important for eating, appearance, comfort, and speaking. You are right for finding whatever advice you can get.

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@Patty_Melt, what kind of tea? black tea?

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I don’t think it matters. I used Lipton black pekoe because I had that in my pantry. The old dentist didn’t make a specific recommendation, except the kind in its own bag.

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I have an upper partial with one tooth on one side and two on the other. I have no issues with it. It fits great, which is probably the key. I’ve had it for about 5 years.

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