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I would like to hear from those with pin badges of any description, which are you wearing & why?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 3 weeks ago

It’s a stick up!
You may know them as pin buttons, I just don’t know.

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I am wearing what feels like one in the bottom of my left foot.
I need an excuse to yell “OW!” for every step I take, every move I make, every pie I bake, I’ll be hurting you.
There’s a song about it.
To answer your question more in depth (I have a lot of opinions on pins) my former sister in law’s father once gave me a pin from his days in the Army.
Why? I had a cover from the Marine Corp my friend gave me so he figured I might want that? Idk
Not long after that he gave me a night shirt. WTH?
A few years after that, he commented on my butt at a BBQ.
I wanted to pin his mouth shut.
Those are my thoughts on pins.
The end.

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@lucillelucillelucille And that is why I love you…as a “friend” of course :-)

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This is a little off, but kinda funny. Back about 35 years ago a friend and I went to a so called psychic. When my friend sat down, the psychic said “you work at the phone company.” Well, she did! We were both shocked and impressed. After the reading, as we were walking out the door the psychic said “by the way, you are wearing a lapel pin with AT&T on it. That’s how I knew where you worked.” Didn’t take a psychic to know that!

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@chyna At least they were honest.

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@ucme -Awww! You too, buster!

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“I got my pork pulled in North Carolina”

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“Prevent Truth Decay’ from Mouths Wide Open

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