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Do you feel as though your governor/premiere and president/prime minister handled the Covid crisis well?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10682points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

What grade would you give them and why? What state/province and country are you from? Who’s your governor/premiere and president/prime minister?

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Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau = -A (he “kept Canadians safe”)
Premiere Ford (Ontario) = not a fan, but he did a decent job, so a B.

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I would say so, yes.
We are now hovering around 300 new cases a day.

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Our governor’s doing pretty well, after the initial smash that took everyone by surprise. Re-openings have been delayed, testing is way up.
Our president is a toddler with a loaded weapon and no supervision.

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US: President Trump gets an “F”. He seems to be more concerned with how his actions affect his re-election than he is for the safety and health of the populace.

State of Colorado: Governor Jared Polis gets a “B”. He’s definitely concerned with the health and safety of the population, but a few of his decisions have been wrong, IMHO.

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Governor Murphy of New Jersey gets an A. He’s been working with Governor Cuomo and others in the Northeast on a regional management plan. He’s been pretty strict with requirements which has not made him popular with many. Testing appears to be adequate and new cases lower which is amazing considering Jersey shore summer activity. I also think the tourist city near me has been working hard.

The President has the deaths of thousands on his hands.

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My governor seemed to be all over it from the start, so I’ll give him an A. We are starting to get a lot more cases now, but they are tracing a lot of them to Myrtle Beach where a lot of people here go on vacation. It’s only an 8 hour drive to the beach.
Our governor asks people to not go there, but you can’t keep people on lock down. They won’t listen.
The president has botched this whole thing from the get go. And he is now trying to act like it’s over. Even quoting Chuck Woolery, a has been host from a 60’s game show in disparaging Fauci.
The people who said back in 2016 “how much damage can trump do in 4 years” are seeing and living the damage done.

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Bogus Johnson

He has been very weak.
Failed to take expert medical advice & went with the doomed to fail herd immunity plan.
The excess deaths in our care homes is a national disgrace & this government should be ashamed of themselves.

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United States: F
Florida: F

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United States: F-Minus
Massachusetts: B

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US – Failing grade

Georgia – D-

But let me ask a different question. Are dictatorships – Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc., having any more success than democracies? I think not.

So it would appear that government leaders and their leadership style have no effect on illness rates and deaths.

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US – F due to failed leadership – ignoring science, wishful thinking, and making it political
New York – A Coumo grabbed it by the balls and did what needed to be done. He shut down things early. He presented data daily and let everyone know where we stood. He encouraged testing and did not hid data.
Now the cases in NY are low and unfortunately are being imported (most recently from Georgia)
He is not being over zealous about reopening. He’s doing a great job.

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It has more to do with the type of leader that is in power.
Despots, Autocrats, and those who wish they were, meaning people that are mostly concerned with their own power, seem to naturally do a lot worse.

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Gavin Newsom of California has done a pretty good job, I’d give him an A-/B+. He has been a bit confounding at times, partly because California is so big that there can’t be a single approach.

here has been no leadership from the Federal Government, an absolute abandonment of the basic reason for government.

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@elbanditoroso China certainly did what needed to be done. A little late but they certainly contained it once they figured it out.

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@elbanditoroso: “But let me ask a different question. Are dictatorships – Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc., having any more success than democracies?”

Then ask that question elsewhere. Keep in mind that your premise re: “dictatorships” is absurd and embarrassing.

I’m with @cookieman. MA seems to have handled things fairly well, I guess – at least compared to FL. Federally, come on. Not worth even commenting on.

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Trump held back for another year. F
Still not got a clue, he is back stabbing Dr Fauci because the Dr has a higher approval rating. Still thinks like a reality show host pushing for a higher rating.

State of North Carolina B.
He is a Democrat and has the Republican run congress fighting him every step of the way. Things leveled out until the GOP pushed to re-open things. Now we are going for new records.

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Trump obviously gets a “F”. Or maybe a N/P since he isn’t even trying.

I would give our governor (Kate Brown) a solid “B”. She locked things down early and even had a field hospital built at the Salem fairgrounds right when shit started going down. And just a few weeks ago we were supposed to go to phase 2 but a few days before that was supposed to go into effect she said that she was reversing that and that we would not change phases.

Oh.. And unemployment was easy to claim and timely. No lines or any of that Florida bullshit. Just efficient government.

But her job was easy-ish. Oregon was still the land of perpetual rain for the first three months of the lockdown so staying inside was just what everyone would be doing anyway (and weed be legal and cheap here). And when the weather got better we got masks everywhere. But the densely populated areas here lean heavily liberal so it isn’t hard to get people to wear a mask since we aren’t selfish bags of shit.

We have 297 cases per 100K which puts us as the seventh lowest state. And testing is easy to get here. My mom is a bit of a nutter and has been tested multiple times for silly reasons.

I have to go into the hospital for infusion once a week and I spend hours with nurses so we end up chatting a lot about covid stuff and the state of the healtchcare workers and PPE and so on. So far they seem to be doing well.

Hey LuckyGuy, tell Coumo to send us back the 140 ventilators we loaned you guys in April.

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Nothing from Trump supporters?

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Hawaii – B+ Our governor locked things down early and is doing his best to keep out infected tourists. We’ve slowly started to reopen, and cases are up, but it seems to be manageable so far.

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*make that A-. Too late to fix typo.

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By the way, here is an illustration of your dear leader from the frontpage of Der Spiegel
I believe the grade is clearly implied.

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Trump’s failure is beyond mere lack of leadership. It’s incompetence on the level of betrayal or sabotage. It is only the fact that he is so stubbornly stupid that leaves open the question as to whether or not his facilitation of tens of thousands of needless deaths and illnesses is deliberate. His conduct throughout has been the answer to “what can I do to maximize the carnage?” The backstop to the homicidal fool turns out to be the nation’s governors for those states lucky enough to have the talent extracted from the thimble load allotted the country. Newsom is no jewel, but he’s a diamond considering the curve. Then there’s the last ditch close in defense of the mayors for those of us in the major cities. And here again, I truly lucked out.

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Our President, I give an F for. He has been all over the place with his comments about Fauci, his comments about potential cures, his comments about taking Clorox internally or whatever he said that was so stupid, and the list goes on and on.

Our Governor, Cuomo, I would give an A to. He had daily press conferences, he shut things down right away, we flattened the curve, and now we’re looking good. People here in NY were upset with him and wanted to reopen but he stood firm. Now the big fight will be what happens with schools reopening in autumn, but we’ll deal with that. I think schools won’t reopen, which is fine with me.

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Trump gets an F. He has not been proactive and has shown poor leadership throughout this ordeal. He’s been denying and lying most of his way through this.

I’ll give Governor Newsom a B+. As someone said above, this is a large state and has to be somehwhat harder to handle/contain in a situation like this.

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I give Germany as a country a B+ if we’re grading on the ability to protect its citizens. Mostly for listening to science, making difficult decisions in a timely manner, and being respectful when adressing citizens. Some of this grade reflects the luxury of having been prepared. The systems were tested, and they work. It’s been very reassuring that we have so many hospital beds, that no-one is going to receive a bill for hospital stays or testing, and that our courts are protecting fundamental rights even while the executive has reason to become heavy-handed.

I would give the federal government an A if they worked harder saving refugees from crowded camps and improving conditions for the meatplant workers from Eastern Europe.

My local leaders get a C. Too much talk about the economy while people are dying, some mixed messages, too quick to open up businesses. Fortunately, the federal government has been striving for a unified approach and the states get a lot of pushback for rash decisions.

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42% of the cases are in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, where death rates were high from such stupid acts as putting Covid patients unequipped nursing homes—.yet you give these governors B’s—yet give Trump and F even though he bailed out these failed cities and states. And you condemn Florida with only ½0th the death toll.

What gives?

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What gives is where this is CLEARLY going in those places that accepted the fool’s example as leadership. If you think Florida is coming out of this with better statistics than the Northeast, you are beyond delusional.

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@Yellowdog: How about if you answer the question instead of bashing other people’s opinions?

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@Yellowdog source PLEASE – - – - – I think your data is from April or maybe March ! ! ! Stay current and stay on task !

BOZO is the one that failed ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ oh no he didn’t because it got better in April and by July it will be gone !

He still hasn’t clue how bad it is (won’t or can’t talk to Dr Fauci); he’s just delusional about the whole thing.

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@Yellowdog From a daily report I get:

• Florida on Tuesday reported its highest death toll with 133 new COVID-19 deaths, raising the state’s total deaths to more than 4,500 Reuters

Trump did not bail out NY, NJ, and Massachusetts, in fact he belittled them.

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NYC couldn’t have done much to prevent their spike – it happened at the start of our understanding of COVID and was very much related to travel and lack of early regulations based on global infections.

Florida, however, could have fully been prevented. Had we shut back down when we started to spike again, or never re-opened, we would not be dealing with being the global leader in the pandemic. Had there been a statewide mandate to wear masks in public, we would not be the global leader in the pandemic. Had beaches been closed before spring break, the national trajectory may have been different. We saw this coming and didn’t adequately prepare or plan because our anti-science leadership followed the presidential anti-science lead.

@Yellowdog Florida should be condemned. What was done here is criminal.

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^And yet, they re-opened Disney. Mind numbing.

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The White House will be getting COVID-19 data sent straight to Trump’s WH and not to the CDC. Bet Trump will have budget for a new shredder SMH

The numbers will some how disappear.

I can hear it now. “Things are getting better, trust me”, Donald J. Trump.

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@chyna I heard Hong Kong Disney was just shut down again.

Disney is probably safer than working at my supermarket. At least everyone has a mask on, crowd size is controlled, a lot of it is outdoors. The biggest problem is people traveling to and from Florida I think. Flipping tourist! Lol. They think Florida is a playground with no rules, because all of the reporting is my governor has no rules. Even residents here have the impression no rules, and lots of republicans should think it’s all a hoax.

I get emails from my representative in Florida with advisories from the governor to wear a mask, distance, etc. DeSantis and his people have worn masks in public for MONTHS. The national news doesn’t report any of that. He has made mistakes, and continues to, I take issue with him, but I take issue with the media putting my life more in danger by being slanted to make him look as bad as possible.

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@zenvelo Let’s just look at New York.

The medical supplies and equipment Trump provided included 12 million N95 respirators, 3 million surgical masks, 379,374 face shields, 313,810 surgical gowns, 8,060 coveralls, 3 million gloves, and 4,540 ventilators.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo blamed Trump for their shortage, in spite of the fact that shortages were known about as early as 2009 and Cuomo even authorized the sale of many respirators and ventilators by the year 2015

The USNS Navy Hospital Ship Comfort, originally slated for Las Angeles , arrived in New York City Harbor on March 30 to provide New York with hundreds of additional hospital beds. The ship ultimately handled less than 200 patients, but was equipped for thousands, with ample space, staff, supplies. The New York Times published many photos of Cuomo standing with the USNS Comfort as it entered the harbor and docked.

Under Trum’s direction, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers set up an emergency hospital at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, which became New York’s largest and most efficient hospital. Cuomo designated it not be used for thousands of patients who were put in nursing homes, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The U.S. military sent hundreds of physicians and nurses into New York City hospitals to augment staffing.

The Small Business Administration issued more than $20.3 billion in loans to 81,075 New York small businesses as of April 20.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency committed $1.3 billion. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo this week said President Donald Trump agreed to waive the state’s 25 percent share of that aid.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided more than $28 million to New York through the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act.

Health and Human Services awarded more than $76.6 million in CARES Act funding to 63 health facilities across New York to combat COVID-19 as of April 21.

New York medical providers were allocated $1.85 billion for the first round of funding from the Provider Relief Fund, with most of that provided by April 10.

The state has received more than $2.18 billion from HHS through the Provider Relief Fund, Centers for Disease Control funding, Health Resources and Services Administration health centers, and other HHS grants.

$1.7 million to support small rural hospitals and promote tele-medicine in rural communities.

The U.S. Treasury is providing stimulus relief to states, Native American tribes and eligible local government agencies under the CARES Act’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. Combined with local government aid, the state will receive more than $7.5 billion — $5.2 billion has already been allocated.

Although Trump did not set up Samaritan’s Purse’s hospital in Central Park, Franklin Graham set up a free hospital for Covid patients, one of their largest and most efficient field hospitals ever – and both the City mayor and Cuomo tried to tax the workers for their meals and supplies. Although Samaritan’s Purse treated thousands of COVID patients, they faced nonstop taxation harassment and jeers from crowds saying they hated LGTB-Q’s and other diverse groups – eventually forcing them out of Central Park.

Trump did everything right. Cuomo did everything wrong, yet you give Trump an “F” and Cuomo a “B”.

When Trump tweets about this, or mentions it in a rally or interview, you call it ridiculing Cuomo.

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Once again no sources @Yellowdog and most of what you said in the wall of text is not what he did but what Congress or someone else did.

So he didn’t block it; what A HERO.

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I also that my governor isn’t using my tax dollars as the advertising budget for beans.
Can’t say the same for the WH.

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Sorry, “I also like that my governor…”

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@Yellowdog yet give Trump and F even though he bailed out these failed cities and states.

Part of Trump’s “F” (IMHO) is from the fact that he gutted the country’s preparedness a few y years ago. Then he stopped the US’s involvement with the World Health Organization in the midst if a global pandemic.

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WHO do you trust more? A United Nations council who said that the virus could not in any way be transmitted person to person, and acted as a press conference team for China, who created this virus / pandemic—or do you trust our Coronavirus Task Force—when they are obviously in conflict?

Admittedly, Fauci has said some incorrect things but at least he has not been an advocate for China, who created this virus. Ever wonder why every pandemic comes out of China and can usually be traced to a lab? Admittedly, this is what the Chinese Communist Party does. But we do not need to support organizations that spread their disinformation.

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@Yellowdog I trust scientists not someone that’s scrambling to get re-elected as his approval rating is TANKING !! 39% and dropping !

I’m waiting for the fat lady to sing in November,” the paryt is over !”

No more beans salesman/saleswoman in the Oval Office.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

As an aside @Yellowdog do you wear a mask in public ?

Yellowdog's avatar

Only on Halloween, This is actually my real, true face

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@Yellowdog: Do you have sources for your info? I know @Tropical_Willie asked you and you ignored the request. When you mention things like Cuomo tried to tax the workers’ meals and supplies, that’s totally news to me and I live in NY. What I can tell you is that so many restaurants in NYC that were temporarily shutdown due to the closure were making free meals and sending them to the health care workers as a thank you. So when you say something like Cuomo wanted to tax the workers’ meals, a source (legitimate source) would be greatly appreciated and necessary. Thank you.

Yellowdog's avatar

Sorry, I thought the news was fairly commonly spread. In any case, a search with Google brings up these first three:

This one from Forbes:

This one from an NBC affilitae:

This one from FOX News:

The next story on Google was from Tampa, Fl:

Check this out—

Cuomo is partially responsible for the biggest mismanagement in the history of pandemics in the modern era. More than 20x the number of deaths than the entire state of Texas. Yet several in this thread are proclaiming him some kind of hero.

Samaratan’s Purse ran a first-rate, efficient, comfortable, well-staffed field hospital in Central Park, that was ABSOLUTELY FREE to its patients and to the city. The jeers from hate groups were bad enough, but then Cuomo taxed these volunteer workers for their free services. They had to leave. As Trump would say, its a disgrace. Really, it is.

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@Yellowdog: Yes, providing links is standard and expected and appreciated, even though everyone can google anyone’s comments. I did google your comment about NY “taxing workers’ meals and supplies” because it sounded fishy. My google search found only that NY was taxing the workers’ income. So when you provide links showing that NY is taxing the workers’ income, that’s what I found too, but nothing to back up your claim about “taxing workers’ meals and supplies.”

Thank you for providing the links, even though they don’t support your (apparently inaccurate) comment about NY taxing workers’ meals and supplies.

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So @Yellowdog you’ve moved to New York ? ? ?

You know that some the healthcare workers are getting 6 figure salaries – - RIGHT !

They are not volunteers. New York has an income tax – - RIGHT !

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