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What do you think of NBC's plan to replace Jay Leno next year with Conan O'Brien as the Tonight Show host?

Asked by boxing (1051points) September 4th, 2008

I seriously doubt Conan’s ability to even hold the rating, but I could be wrong.

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I don’t like Jay Leno. I like Conan O’Brien even less. I think it is a tired old format that should go away.

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I rarely watched it when Jay Leno was the host. I will probably not watch it at all with Conan. I don’t really find the two that funny Conan even lesser than Jay. I think they should have gone for a fresh, younger host with a more current sense of humor. And I agree with you, Conan will not be able to hold that rating.

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I hate Jay Leno hes not funny at all. Im pretty sure replacing him with a stump would get better ratings. I think Conan will be ok, but not great. They need to get Demetri Martin hosting one of these shows, now that would be funny.

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FYI, Leno is number one in that slot with 4.8 million viewers average, Letterman has been behind Leno for over 10 years, with 3.5 millions viewers, according to Nielsen.

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I didn’t watch it when Jay Leno took over but a couple of times…I fell asleep.
I’d rather watch Conan O’Brien, just because he is better to look at. :)

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I do think Craig Ferguson is much better.

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but he is waaaaayyyyy too late for me.

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i heard that jimmy fallon will be taking over conan’s spot on late night.. conan is one of my favorite late night talk show hosts, and i would enjoy watching him earlier at night then at 12:30.. jay is freakin annoying and he’s a real live bobble head. all in all, i will be looking forward to the new swing of things. :)

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As long as Conan brings the Walker, Texas Ranger lever with him, it’s cool with me.

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As long as Triumph: The Insult Comic Dog is there I will be there. I don’t kid. I don’t kid!

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Good move, but I’m sad because I’ll have to give up Conan for Dave.

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I hate Jay Leno, he is thoroughly unfunny and uncharming, which is kind of a shame because as a stand up comedian he was actually funny. On the other hand, I love Conan, but I wonder how his bizarre sense of humor will play with the bigger audience at the earlier time slot. I would hate for him to sanitize his show and move to LA because what happened to Leno can certainly happen to him.

And with Fallon taking over Conan’s show…. I’m just said to see the current Conan show go away.

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I really dislike Jay Leno and have a major boner for Conan so I’m pretty happy. That said, I do feel bad for Leno being forced out just because NBC is trying to avoid another feud like the one that happend between Leno and Letterman.

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@ Sueanne – Triumph rules!!! So much that he appears on Leno as a guest.

Side note: Craig Ferguson free styles the first ten minutes.

I really fine the Jimmy Kimmel show funny.

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@ Bri L…...I love the Jimmy Kimmel show!

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@ sarapnsc – Unnecessary Censorship…. pure beauty!

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I’m with you uber, Demetri Martin all the way. That’s the funniest guy ever!

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that would be quite interesting if Conan brought back the whole sidekick thing he did back in the 90s with what’s his name. I didn’t really like it but it would be funny to see..
I also enjoy craig ferguson, his improvisations are great!!

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Andy Richtor. They were genius together.

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