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What’s the longest that you’ve gone without seeing your significant other?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10800points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

Be it a job, deployment or in my case Covid. How long?

Four months and counting for me. She’s American and I’m Canadian. I do plan on flying over in August. The land borders are closed, but Canadians are still able to fly into the U.S..

I live ten minutes from her. To cross the land border it would cost me $4 for bridge toll and $5 for gas.

To fly I would have to drive four hours to Toronto and spend $500 on a plane ticket. I’d be in a packed plane with a bunch of people, or I could drive myself over the bridge. Ridiculous.

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Two weeks is the longest I’ve been away from him in the 27 years that I’ve known him.
It was tough…even though I had a cold one in hand on the beach in N.C. and had a brewmeister and a chef for neighbors during my time down there. lol
I did talk to him every day on the phone, so that helped.
I even sent him a video tape of a dance routine I choreographed all by myself XD except the part where I fell off the chair & almost broke my ass

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A little over two months?

Withdrew from college for the semester. Went to Germany to find my missing sister.

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Just a week or two in almost 20 years. Usually for hunting trips or family visits.

That must be really hard on you both, I’m sorry.

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About two weeks. My old job I’d have to travel for extended periods of time.
@raum Did you find her?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me I did! And also found out that I also had a little niece.

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My whole life. I sometimes wonder who she is and what she’s doing?

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6 weeks. His dad had surgery and recovery so he moved into his house to care for him.

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Almost three months. He had to leave Europe due to visa issues and was not allowed to return for ninety days. It was very hard not to follow him onto the plane.

I ended up meeting him in NYC, and we had a lovely reunion. Then we got married – no more visa problems now.

That sounds incredibly frustrating, I’m sorry.

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7 weeks when my wife had a business trip that was 24/7 in Texas, we live in North Carolina. That was 2012 The company had a crisis and short handed at the same time.

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Only one day. We’re lucky.

I’m so sorry you two are struggling. <3

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Couple of days maybe.
We have been together 28yrs gone June…I should have gotten a parole hearing by now surely :D

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17 days. I didn’t really start missing her until about day 5–6. I am one of those people that likes to be alone, but after so long I just miss seeing her face and hearing her voice. I can’t imagine being apart from her for as long as you two have been. Hang in there. Just a little bit longer.

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