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What business that does not sell food of any sort would you like to start a fast-food chain?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11948points) July 14th, 2020 from iPhone

There’s lots of great businesses out there with airlock tight hermetically sealed ultra professionalism. When you need them they’re on it. No doubts, not one. But, can they make a sandwich or whatever? If they did would it be worth it?

Who do you want to go into fast-food (or the restaurant business)? Why? What are you ordering?

Easy ones:

Apple, Lockheed-Martin, Grainger, Sony, Honda,

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L.L. Bean. They are prompt, handle returns well and you always get right to a person when you call. They could easily become L.L. Beans!

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They make golf equipment & clothing.
They also make a great club sandwich and wedge salad

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^^ That’s “putting ” it nicely. Maybe they can make bagels too with a hole in one.

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Bethesda Softworks.
Every dish would come loaded with bugs.

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Bass Pro. Seafood.

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@knowitall they have a restaurant

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Petsmart – - Petco – - – Chewy dot com = = = = = => Hot Dogs.

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John Deere = = = > Venison burgers

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Boeing Aircraft = = = = = > Hot Wings

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Mercedes Beanz
Bread Rolls Royce
Dolce & Gammon
Louis Meaton

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Under Armor. I would like body fuel made by them.

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