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Have you been tested for Covid-19?

Asked by Jonsblond (5945points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Just curious if anyone here has gone to get tested. What was your experience like?

If you haven’t, will you?

I went to a free drive through testing site today where I live and I was in and out in 5 minutes. It was pretty painless. It actually kind of tickled my nose and my eyes watered for a bit, but it wasn’t painful like some people have mentioned.

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I went to a free drive thru test site operated by the County on May 5. My results came back 4 days later that i had tested positive, although I had no symptoms.

Everyone around me got tested, including my son who lives with me and for whom I had prepared meals. Everyone else came back negative.

I got tested again on May 18, and the result was negative.

I was tested again on May 30 because of going in for a medical procedure. That was negative. I had another pre-procedure test on June 14. That was also negative.

I have another test scheduled for next Tuesday before a procedure on Friday the 24th.

A nurse told me that my positive result was most likely a false positive.

The tests have varied in discomfort. One felt like they were poking my eye-ball out, another was reminiscent of really bad cocaine from the 1980s. The last one I barely noticed.

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I was tested a week ago today.

The experience of getting authorized to get the test (making an appointment with my doctor, going to the appointment, calling the testing facility to make an appointment to get tested, fighting with my doc to re-fax testing order, waiting for an hour in a car line to get tested, etc) was not pleasant, but the test itself was ok.

Note: I was tested because we were going to stay at the beach in Maine for a couple of days last week. Maine requires MA residents to have proof of negative test taken within 72 hours of arriving. The place I stayed never asked to see the results. They just had us sign a form saying that we had been tested.

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I haven’t, and probably won’t unless there seems to be a reason for it.

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No, but I was tested for antibodies a couple of weeks ago, on my doctor’s recommendation.

I was hoping for a positive result, but it was negative.

I wouldn’t go looking for a covid-19 test unless I had symptoms.

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Last Tuesday, waiting for results. CVS sucked. Only people in vehicles can be tested and the wait time plus the whole testing procedure was an hour in my case. Why?

Because they did it at their drive through window where customers doing normal business are in line with people scheduled for tests.

I was given a bag with the testing materials and had to do it myself.

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We have not, but then we still operate as if we’re in Phase One. Supermarket, Target, Drive Thru — that’s about it.

Checked with our doctor and, given how little we are out, she didn’t see the need to get tested right now.

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I haven’t. I might if I get sick.
There is no use in getting tested if there is no real reason to be. It will only tell you if you have or have had the virus, it wouldn’t tell you that you won’t get it. Like, tomorrow!

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I have not been. I would get tested if I were sick or if I were exposed to a person with a positive result.

I would consider the antibody test.

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I will once the lines are not three hours long. I think I may have had it already.

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I haven’t. I don’t know if I would bother if I can simply quarantine. Knowing wouldn’t change anything if my case was relatively mild. I don’t think I’d try any of the drugs if I have a mild case. If I had been near anyone I would let them know I was sick.

I did the antibody testing through Quest and was negative. I expected it to be negative, but I was sick back in January and finally went ahead and did the test. If I had been positive I would have felt a little safer, even though they are saying antibodies don’t stick around. I still would have been wearing a mask everywhere indoors.

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I have not.
I don’t intend to. In my mind, the best place to catch it, is where people think they have it.

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Quick question for those who have had it. Did it make your nose bleed at all?

I’ve had a runny nose for almost two weeks and tonight when I blow my nose it’s bloody. I’m assuming it’s from the swab? I’m not concerned, just curious.

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^ Mine did not. But my wife said she tasted blood somehow after her’s. The test she got was far more aggressive and deep. Mine felt pretty mild.

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I’ve had a nose swab, before. I don’t recall why. But. It sucked.

I consider myself a pretty tough guy. I’ve been through a lot of injuries. I don’t even get anything for pain, when I am getting sutured. (Usually, on my head.)

But. The nasal swab, hurt.

It seems like, it should not be so aggressive.

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I’m afraid of getting tested because of that and have no reason to as yet.

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I have had random nose swabs to see if I have it and have had blood tests for antibodies to see if I’ve had it.

So far I’ve always tested negative (despite several direct encounters with COVID positive patients with out PPE – honestly I’ve given up caring).

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I haven’t, and I probably won’t unless I start showing symptoms. I mean, I would like to be tested, especially since I’m high risk, but I’ve heard too much about people testing negative and actually being positive, etc. So, again, I’ll wait and see if I show symptoms, or until they get a test with more accuracy.

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I have not, but I wonder why can’t they just have people blow real hard into a tissue?

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@Jonsblond it may just be a small vessel in the nose being accidentally bumped. I mean you can get a nose bleed from even blowing your nose a lot. So I imagine having something poke around may do the same thing.

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I was nasal swab tested in early June. It was uncomfortable but not painful. The nurse said it would take twenty seconds. When I thought time was about up I said, “that wasn’t so bad”, he said “that’s eight seconds, twelve more to go.” It was nice assuming for a few days that I was virus-free.

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I’ll have to be tested later in the summer before cataract surgery. I’m hoping it’s not too uncomfortable.

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