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What commercial or industrial tool would you want for your home?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17129points) 3 weeks ago

I would like a plumbing snake for $1,000 to save on, once a year $150, plumber expenses.

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A central vacuum system and air purifier.

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A crane to haul the wife’s jewellery about the place.

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Does a dumpster fall under that category? I want a permanent one that is hauled away every week. Just a smaller one like they have at apts. Our place would be cleaned up in no time.

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A carpet/upholstery shampooer and a good vacuum cleaner for my own apartment..rather than the existing apartment building common vacuums.
Would like an apartment sized washer and dryer in each apartment rather than a laundry room for the apartment complex.

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Geiger counter

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A hoist for the car.

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A foundry in my basement might be great in the winter.

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@anniereborn :: Call your local garbage place. My mom has a dumpster (the big ones that they use the forks on the front of the truck to pick up) delivered to her house for about a month a year.

It is surprisingly affordable. I think it was something like 50 a month to have it delivered, and then you call whenever you want it picked up and they charge around 30 to have it emptied.

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@johnpowell Wow! I wish I lived where you mother does. It’s about 300.00 to rent one here.

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@johnpowell And that is a temporary thing, that rental. Like for home remodel construction.
Where I am, you can’t have a long-term commercial type dumpster on a residential property. It’s against city code. (And the neighbors would complain, and unauthorized idiots would try to use it.) Also, you can’t use a residential trash container for commercially generated waste.
Again, that’s where I am…

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