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How do I put eye drops in my eyes without squirming?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17102points) 2 weeks ago

Artificial tears.

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Close your eye.

Squeeze a little drop onto the inner corner of your eyelid, where the tear duct is.

Open your eye a tiny bit and let the drop fall in.

Once you can do this comfortably, try again with the eye open. It’ll probably be easier.

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@Jeruba Ok I will try now. Will update soon. Update: I just winged it. I didn’t understand your answer. Eyes still tired. Will wait till it works. Will try again. Ok it worked How long till it feels better?

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I’ve been using eye drops for several months, it’s never easy, but some days are better than others. I try to just stay as relaxed as I can.

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@RedDeerGuy1 What is the issue with your eye that calls for eye drops?

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My pediatrician taught me the way @Jeruba mentioned when my kids were little and it really works. The best way to do it is to lie on your back before squeezing into the corner of the closed eye. When you open your eyes, the drop will fall in. I need to do it now and it’s easy as pie (but not as tasty.)

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Oh, thanks, @janbb, I forgot to mention the lying back part, or (as I do it) just sitting with my head tipping way back. That way it’s just a matter of gravity.

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@chyna My Optometrist prescribed eye drops , Blink eye drops, because I am a heavy user of computer screens. I had a choice of three eye drops. Blink, Systane, and Refresh.

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Seems simple
Drop and don’t squirm.
It’s a decision, not your fate.

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I have never heard of the method @Jeruba and @janbb describe. I will definitely try that as I too am terrible at putting drops in my eyes, @RedDeerGuy1

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Regarding the tear duct method: doesn’t the majority of the drop just run down into it? My eye doc told me to put my finger over the tear duct after dropping them in.

@RedDeerGuy1 I don’t know Blink, but the other two are very good. I had some samples. But, my budget can only afford cheap Walmart brands.

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We do the J&J method.
(@Jeruba and @janbb).

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Update: I put in bottom eyelids; again. I can’t tell if my eyes are slightly better. Or not working?

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Hold the dropper bottle between thumb and forefinger.
Face upward, eyes open.
Position hand with dropper over the eye and steady that hand by bracing with the middle or ring finger against the face.
Squirt a couple drops down into the eye.

A lot of the problem with administering eyedrops is anxiety about poking your eye with unsteady unintended motion. If your hand is steadied against the face then your brain knows it isn’t going to suddenly hit your eye.

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Sounds like you have dry eyes a lot, just like I do. I also use eye drops, and also have trouble getting them in all the time, but there’s something else I do that really helps. Get a washcloth and run it under really hot water. Then lay back and drape it over your eyes. Now this is where your patience comes in, because ideally you want to lay there for a good 15 minutes and not do anything, which I personally struggle with. Anyway, this really seems to help with when your eyes are dry, maybe even moreso than the eye drops. Of course, if you’re at work, you can’t stop and put a washcloth on your eyes for 15 minutes, so it has its limitations.

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I use the following, by the way:

I buy them off of Amazon and they’re much cheaper! But make sure you get the ones for extra dry eyes because they’re especially good!

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Hold your top eyelid open and put the dropper right above the eye and before squeezing the bottle, look down towards your nose or to the . Not at the dropper. We tend to blink before when we see something getting ready to fall in our eyes.

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I was interrupted mid-sentence. I meant to say look down towards your nose or towards the lower side of your peripheral vision as far as you can.

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I used in the lower eye lid. Did not squirm. Will try your method tomorrow. I can’t tell if the eye drops are working.

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