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If a foreign country discovers a vaccine for Covid19 will the USA accept it?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22887points) July 15th, 2020

Or do you think they will ignore it, and keep searching for one on their own?

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I don’t think that’s how the medical community operates.

Though I’m sure Trump will try to take credit for it. Probably rip it off by switching an additive, changing its name and touting it as “the best” vaccine.

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They very well might require a new set of testing before making it available to the US market. With Trump, even if we felt the testing was reliable, he still might prevent it to keep all profits for US companies.

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I’m hoping there will be a smarter administration soon.

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Knowing Trump I would believe that @ragingloli then he would use it for political leverage to get re-elected.

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3 of 5 major vaccine suppliers to the US are foreign, so yes.

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They might even be a problem if the USA makes the vaccine. Anti-vaxxers might still refuse it.

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@RedDeer Some of the articles said that’s a huge part of the issue in the US. You’re right.

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I would hope so. I don’t care who or what country comes up with it. I want it over with.

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