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What, exactly, is the difference between holding up a Bible for a photo and holding up a can of beans?

Asked by Jeruba (49713points) 2 weeks ago

Let’s hear it.

Tags as I wrote them: celebrities, presidents, first daughters, promotion, product placement, abuse of position, shameless pandering.

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If you hold up an open can of beans upside down, the beans will fall out.

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She is endorsing all kinds of things. It’s a bit surreal.

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Has anyone posted their two photos with the products interchanged—him with the beans and her with a Bible?

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And here was I dumbly thinking it was a hypothetical!

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Exactly! Exactly!

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You could eat beans if you were hungry….

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Both will make you want to crap.

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Trump may have read the label on the beans but NEVER read the Bible.

He had a copies of several books by Hitler by his bed.

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My point, though, was about the pictures—the promotional poses, one with beans and one with the Bible—both using imagery and the power of the presidency to sell product. I can’t even imagine Hitler on a billboard pushing a brand of canned vegetables. Our nation’s highest office has absolutely no dignity or integrity left.

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He is a reality show host first and foremost before being anything else ! He has to work the ratings for . . . the next show ! Maybe Putin has a show for him in Russia ??

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There are more than 57 varieties of bible.

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A can of beans is more photogenic.

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Did he really hold up the beans, or it’s photoshopped in?

If he really did hold up the beans, I’d say there is no difference with his intention. Trump is playing his base like a violin. They’re all worked up about Goya, and so he did something that will make them do cartwheels. Even better, it is something that pisses of Democrats, and that makes Trumpers really happy.

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No, @JLeslie, he held up the Bible. When she did the same thing with the can of beans, it absolutely invited PhotoShopping. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. In both cases it’s blatant abuse of position to peddle something, and it really doesn’t make any difference to them if it’s beans or religion they’re pushing. It’s all the same as long as it serves them.

And it implicitly equates Bible and beans. That’s what makes it so bizarre. They’re both just products to be sold, to the advantage of themselves. She no more eats those beans than he consumes the scripture.

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The only difference is the person holding up the product.

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@Jeruba I thought at first you were saying he was peddling Christianity. I don’t think of him as peddling, I think of him as manipulating his people with what they already feel dear, afraid, or energized about. Their faith, mail-in voting, immigration, estate taxes, Socialism, now Goya. Those were all talking points before he made them talking points. Even the no mask wearing I think started before Trump made it a big issue. I think that started in the Libertarian and White Supremacists crowds, and bled over to Republicans and Trump then helped it along.

What’s fascinating is how his followers believe he really cares about these things. I know people who believe he is religious. I have one friend who said he might not have been in the past, but she believes he is now.

You wrote, “...and it really doesn’t make any difference to them if it’s beans or religion they’re pushing…” who is the “they’re” in that sentence?

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So will anything be done to Ivanka for pushing beans?

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Well “Donald J” doesn’t believe in the Constitution or laws in general so nothing will happen.

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One invites a hidden (or not so hidden) kickback.

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