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What edible meat is on a taxidermied animal?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17113points) 2 weeks ago

If you are desperate for food? Would you eat it?

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Taxidermy involves skinning the animal and putting the hide on an artificial body. There is nothing edible. The hide has been cured so it is also inedible.

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Here is a film of eating the equivalent of a taxidermied animal.

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The same amount that you can find in leather shoes.

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You can eat the skin and fur but I don’t recommend it. People have eaten leather boots, dirt, rocks and all kinds of things when starving. Tree bark, too. Even dogs will eat leaves and rocks when abandoned and starving.

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My favorite taxidermist in Connecticut was Gene Pitney, yes that GenePitney. I also worked with for many years with his brother Frank. Gene did a Large Mouth Bass for one of my high school buddies.

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There is no meat. It has all been removed and replaced with jute and/or other types of stuffing. Only some bones remain, like the skull.

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Stuff it with cheeseburgers and use it for a pinata?
that’s all I’ve got

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