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Do you know illnesses that decrease the sense of touch and sensitiveness in general?

Asked by luigirovatti (1826points) 2 weeks ago

I’m not talking about pain associated with it (like fibromyalgia or whatever). Just sense of touch/sensitiveness decreasing. Obviously it’s a strange question, but no matter. To me it’s important, so please, do your best to answer.

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Multiple Sclerosis can do that.

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Hansen’s Disease has that listed as a symptom.

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Deep vein thrombosis. From sitting to long at the computer.

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Hypoesthesia or paresthesia?

Is the loss of sensation accompanied by any abnormal sensation? Numbness, tingling, prickling, etc.?

Hope this is just for curiosity. If this is something you are currently experiencing, I’d recommend speaking with an actual physician.

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Stiff person syndrome can make sensitivity less, more, and change from one to the other, so you don’t know what to believe about texture, temperature, or accuracy of pain to severity of injury. Phantom pain, and “dead spots” keep one guessing.

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I have a very high tolerance for pain. I sometimes find cuts or bruises and I don’t remember how I got them. I also have “dead spots” that have no feeling at all. I often don’t have symptoms of a headache; instead I have trouble thinking, or vague pressure in my head or neck area. I think it’s called a blind headache. My body is weird, and it’s just about impossible to explain to a medical doctor. They think I’m nuts.

It’s kind of like, “Body? What body?”

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Diabetes can affect your feet and lower legs

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@snowberry: I thinnk I have this. I did a research and have a “silent migraine”. What to do?

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Certain types of neuropathy can also cause that.

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