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What makes eyelids twitch?

Asked by nebrow (30points) August 2nd, 2007

My eyelids have been twitching alot lately and its annoying. Anyone know why this happens?

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Dunno what happens, but I find lack of sleep causes it. Try getting some extra-long shut-eye and see if it stops.

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Stress will also make them twitch. Give yourself a little facial massage on your forehead, temples, and your scalp. That should also help (along with more sleep).

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Irritation of the eye itself.

get more sleep
drink/ingest less caffeine
Use eyedrops to lubricate/soothe the eye and inside of lid
In severe cases, Botox may be used to alleviate spasms.

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You need more potassium. When people are under a lot of stress they tend to burn up the mineral potassium really fast. Eat a tomato, potato or a banana and the fluttering will stop!

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@ joli 'spot' dad is a doctor & always said it is a lack of potassium & to eat bananas...

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thats constantly eating bananas so that must not be the problem...

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muscle twitch is caused by fatigue if not from a vitamin defincy. If rest doesn't fix it you may need glasses. Eye strain may cause the muscle fatigue.

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Low potassium levels is usually the most common cause. It can also be fatigue, in which case you should see an eye doctor.

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i had this problem a while ago and it ended up going away, but i did a bunch of web research and found a page or a blog or something where a bunch of people swore by going to the chiropractor. they said it was a vertabrae in the neck or something. i dont remember. you could try it!!! but sleep and stress are definite factors as well.

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Could be lots of reasons, some major some minor. Mostly it is as a stress response of your central nervous system and Joli is right, potassium is the thing to take, but remember of course to take it along with magnesium for absorption

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