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Is what's going on in Portland unconstitutional (read more)?

Asked by Demosthenes (12739points) July 18th, 2020

BLM-sparked protests may have died down in many cities, but they are still going strong in Portland. Stories have been surfacing recently of protesters being detained by federal officers who have no identification on them and have not been identifying themselves verbally. Accusations that people are being detained without probable cause are also plenty.

The Oregon DOJ is suing several federal agencies for civil rights abuses.

So I’m asking: is this a violation of civil rights? Should federal agents be identifying themselves somehow?

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I guess it depends on when it comes out they are federal agents…or really any police at all. If they are undercover, they are not required to wear identifying labels and are not required to tell anyone they are undercover agents. If they just grab people, never identify themselves, handcuff them and throw them into a van and still have not identified themselves, they are flirting with kidnapping charges. The article is talking about not having a warrant to arrest someone, but that is crap. Police arrest people all the time without having a warrant ahead of time. It says there is no probable cause, but they are trying to say that after the fact. It could be that the federal agents pulled a sting operation and got some of these yahoos to give information that indicated some conspiracy going on…plans to attack someone or plans to do some other drastic action. We don’t know. I have to believe that the court will have to throw out this lawsuit because it can’t name the individuals and cannot even name a federal agency they might be attached to. In other words, these may not even be federal agents at all. So it will be interesting to see how this washes out.

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We don’t have a constitution any longer. Trump and Barr destroyed it.

The Portland military are the US equivalent of the Stasi (east German secret police).

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Did they have “SS” on their uniform ?? If so you know Trump sent them !

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Sounds like the bipartisan Patriot Act powers to me. Domestic terrorists fall under that umbrella.

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Still abuse @KNOWITALL

The Patriot Act has no checks and balances it is just raw police power. If you’re Muslim and cross your eyes . . . .

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Not sure it really is abuse at this point. The city couldn’t identify individuals or agencies. There are no details of why people were snatched. If they were arrested, they would be entitled to phone calls or the arrest was illegal and they would be free. Right now all you have is a claim by a group that has no details. I mean, be real. Who do you charge with the civil rights violation? Who do you serve with the warrant to have them appear in court? There are no details, just accusations and vague ones at that.

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Yes.On the part of the rioters.

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@elbanditoroso It’s not fake news, it’s responding to the news that was given up to that point. And as I responded to this same citation of yours on a different thread, my answer remains the same. I have been right. It isn’t abuse. And previous comments showed that there was no idea who the people were. Go look at the citation in this question. And now we DHS saying it is their people and giving a sane, rational, explanation of their actions. But let me ask…why are you so adamant about supporting chaos? Why are you supporting violent and destructive protesters?

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“DHS saying it is their people and giving a sane, rational, explanation of their actions.”

You know people are disappearing WTRF !

Does that mean the right a trial is disappearing too? You think is okay @seawulf575 because they are ANTIFA ( like against Trump ) He is just going the remove anyone or anything that points out he is a Fascist)

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@Tropical_Willie I think you are jumping to a lot of conclusions that are not supported by the available facts. What a surprise….that almost always happens. What you have is a story that came out of a guy that was released after being questioned. Ever stop to think that maybe some of the others were actually guilty and were arrested? In that case they might not be reporting back to the media OR the media isn’t reporting it because there is evidence they are guilty. Can’t make the protesters look like criminals especially when they are, right?

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A okay where are the prisoners and due process. OH Trump doesn’t need no stinkin’ due process.

I know @seawulf575 they must be leftists QED no due process.

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@Tropical_Willie Where is your proof that there was no due process? They are allowed to be detained for a certain period of time for questioning and investigation without actually being charged with a crime. And if, during that time, the evidence indicates they are suspected enough of a crime for arrest, their detainment can change to arrest at that point, including all that goes with that. Where is your proof that they were not allowed to contact attorneys? I haven’t seen anything along this line of thought at all in any of the stories. Just the sensationalized story that they are being “grabbed off the street”. And the one story of the guy that was “grabbed off the street”, taken away for questioning, and then released because they determined he was not in on the crimes they are investigating. That, right there, should tell you that there is a process being followed. Not to mention that if they decide to prosecute someone, if the rules are not followed, they will be giving the criminals a get-out-of-jail-free card.

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Show me a court date for arraignment, you can’t.

It modern day “Driving while Black! ”

The US Marshall have no record of any arrests or detainment or any other Federal agents.

US Attorney Williams’ call for an investigation, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a complaint in federal court Friday against DHS. The suit asks a judge to declare the federal officers’ actions unlawful, and for an injunction requiring federal officers to identify themselves and their agency before detaining anyone in Oregon, and prohibiting them from arresting anyone without probable cause or a warrant.

The DHS zone, they were suppose to protect, was Federal property (Post Office and Federal Courthouse). Not random streets all over Portland.

Hitler did the same thing and Putin too. And best friend in North Korea Kim !

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@Tropical_Willie The burden of proof is on you. You are the one claiming there was no due process. Telling me to do your homework for you is a cop out. You made the claim there was no due process. I have challenged you to support that claim. You can’t. So it is liberal propaganda…again. Fake news.

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You’ll just ignore any proof !!

Suck on it

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Gee…when you never provide actual proof, how can I ignore it?

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The video or can you only read Russian ? ?

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What video? So far you haven’t linked any videos. Or am I supposed to be in tune with your fantasies?

Tropical_Willie's avatar < = = = VIDEO was in Is Georgia just the most crazy state with the Governor’s mask order? Question !

Response moderated (Personal Attack)

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