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Why do I go to do something then randomly forget what it is I was going to do?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) July 18th, 2020

For example, sometimes I go to search something on Google then I completely forget what it was. It would randomly come to me again much later.

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That is just being human. Or we are two peas in a weird pod.

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I agree with @johnpowell I forget stuff too. Like how to spell words. Items I need and names of celebrities.

It is a part of being human. Either that or we both have dementia.

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Humanity, especially when tired, distracted (in various ways and senses), disinterested, preoccupied, and/or stressed. And most people are stressed these days.

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I noticed this effect happening to me, especially after I had kids. Doorways triggered it for me. I’d get up to go get something or do something and as soon as I stepped through a doorway, I’f forget what it was. If I stepped back through the door, it’d frequently come back. I call this Acute Parental Senility since it never happened before I was a parent.

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Two hours ago I lost my brand new glasses. I searched the whole bed room and could not find them.
Turns out that I was wearing them. They were that light and unscrathed that I did not notice.

I am definitely going to tell my doctor in August.

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^ I once watched my dad have a meltdown over misplacing his glasses. They were on top of his head he whole time. XD Things happen,ya know?
As for me, that started to happen right before I was diagnosed with MS but there were other things going on too (symptoms), not just forgetting why I went into the basement. ;)

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I have a similar problem. When I mention it to my friends, they always comment that they do the same thing. I also see it happening to friends who are 20–30 years younger than me!!! I’m assuming that it has something to do with the aging process, but some of my friends aren’t in the aging stage just yet so it’s a little early for them. Then I wonder IF maybe our brains are crammed with so much unnecessary junk to where there’s not enough room to cram in any new stuff.

There are times where I’m sitting with my laptop IN my lap when I think of something that I want to look up. I pick up my hand, place my fingers on the keyboard & then can’t remember what it was that I felt the need to check out…frustrating!!!

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