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Is this information realistic or am I most probably missing something?

Asked by luigirovatti (1820points) 1 week ago

Private security companies can work almost entirely without fear of legal action. Governments often contract private security firms to undertake menial work such as guarding military sites. Should anything illegal happen, the government can pass the blame onto the security company, who are privately held and thus cannot be prosecuted by the government. The whole thing goes through the civil courts, and the security companies have become wealthy over the years and can afford the best counsel, overwhelming the prosecution.

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I meant quotation, sorry.

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It sounds right.

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“Blackwater security company”: one them was convicted of killing dozens of unarmed civilians in Iraq.

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Being privately held does not exempt a company or the principals from government prosecution.

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Whoever has the most money for lawyers, wins. That has been true for a long time. Where is the justice in that??

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Whether or not a ‘security’ company can be prosecuted, they certainly are far less accountable to the public on whom they flex their muscle. Our police departments are at least theoretically accountable to the public. (Although there is a HUGE problem with reluctant DAs afraid of retribution from police departments if they prosecute an officer.)

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