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Is Trump becoming demented, or desperate?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18897points) 2 weeks ago

He blames everything on the Democrats, ignores the Pandemic, at times sounds extremely demented, yet others sounds more desperate, and makes little to no sense on most of his decisions as of late, sending stormtroopers to Oregon calling protesters, terrorists.
Seems like a lot of the Republican party are trying to distance themselves from him,yeah too little too late hope they all go down on Titanic Trump.
What’s your take on the Trump situation?

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He wants to be a dictator. I don’t know if he’s the one demented or the ones who are ignoring all the alarm bells being set off by this dictator passing for President. He is constantly violating the rule of law and our constitution. But I think he can be both. Desperate and demented.

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What do mean “becoming”? He was demented before his election. It still blows so many minds that not everyone realized that.

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If I was to give Trump the benifit of a doubt then I would say that he is using positive thinking from Oprahs book club book called “the Secret”. He knows right from wrong just thinking about things from a different point of view.

Also the worse people complain the more vindication the Republican party gets.

Democrats believe that government is the solution; While Republicans believe that government is the problem. The Republicans prove that point every time its executive members screw up the country.

Trump was elected on not being a politician and so rich that he can’t be bribed.

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@SQUEEKY2 Maybe you should watch the news. Rioting and arson and killing is going on in the States, bro. Cities are burning. People are losing their homes and livelihoods, and police forces are dwindling by design of certain Democrat leaders and organizations—most of whom would be very disappointed to know hat after all they’ve done, you still haven’t noticed their pillage and mayhem.

The citizen’s rights to their lives, safety, property and children are a little more important than the activity of ‘peaceful protesters.”

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Trump’s saving grace is that he is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. He is sending troops into cities, claiming that the cities are out to take over the suburbs. Nobody is worried about this. People are much more concerned about the virus and the economy, which Trump is ignoring. It is surprising that Trump is not further down in the polls.

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He continues to drop in the polls, 56% DISAPPROVE of his performance.

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@Yellowdog Just sit back and watch, it’s all designed and failing miserably.

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No, he’s becoming a second term leader…deal with it!

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But…but…he identified a picture of an elephant!

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He is delusional when he says the Covid virus will just disappear.

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@chyna He was delusional BEFORE he said the virus would disappear.

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Trump is just Trump what scares me the most is that his base still love him, after all his lies, or that he just ignores the Pandemic now guess it didn’t disappear in April like he said it would, guess that was Obamas fault as well, the fact he keeps bringing Obama up on every little issue now now lumps Biden in as well,I don’t know if he is demented and desperate or his base is.

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Nope, but the Democrats are.

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No. Trump hasn’t changed. Becoming demented or desperate compared to when? When was he more logical, less demented, or more regarded as reasonably balanced? By now, the very idea that the man might rise to reasonably confront any crisis in the country marks anyone harboring such possibilities as warped as the fool himself. We have no more right to expect Trump to behave Presidentially than we would expect tutoring in internal medicine from a Cocker Spaniel named “Doc”.

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Putting words in someone’s mouth is not exactly the same thing as that person actually saying it. Although it may have the same effect on those gullible enough to trust you.

Trump is no expert on Covid, and doesn’t profess to be, He has not recommended anything that has not come from the Task Force, and has not said anything that conflicts with CDC guidelines as regularly announced and recommended on the news.

The information given by the Task Force and especially Dr, Fauci , is constantly changing, and has changed. For instance, it was Fauci who told us for more than five weeks that we didn’t need to wear masks. It was Fauci who said in Feb and March that it was safe for healthy young adults to go on cruises.

We are providing Personal Protection Equipment to the world, and have caught up with the needs of all governors whose needs had lagged even when our Federal supplies had been depleted in 2009 and 2015 and not replaced. It is pretty normal for ICU units in hospitals to be filled to 80% capacity (they are not filled with COVID cases)—if they reach 90 or above capacity, even that isn’t all that unusual.

There is no way that 100% of those tested at Florida clinics are Covid positive. Even the 9% which is far more normal is alarming, but these are mostly asymptomatic cases. We are not dropping like flies in America, and never have been, Other parts of the world are far more sick and dying.

As for Trump, why not listen to what Trump and the Task Force are actually saying, not what Pelosi and the four on the Squad say, what Joe Biden is told to say, or what your News commentator says.

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“There is no way that 100% of those tested at Florida clinics are Covid positive. Even the 9% which is far more normal is alarming, but these are mostly asymptomatic cases. We are not dropping like flies in America, and never have been, Other parts of the world are far more sick and dying.”

143,000 death and counting

23 % of the total deaths in the world from COVID -19 (we don’t have 23% of world population – - think of India and China)

Florida could have a 20% infection rate not 9%.

27 Hospital in Florida have run out of ICU beds. Overall they have less than 18% ICU bed availability, you’re screwed in a Pandemic at 25% ICU beds. That 25 % in Florida was on June 10, 2020 – - – they’re screwed.

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@Yellowdog Your loyalty to Trump is just amazing, we hear lie after lie from the orange turd but not you, we see an orange coloured racist but not you, we think he fucked the Covid response unbelievably but not you,you like your orange god believe everything bad is from the left and everything good is from the right.
!40,000 dead Americans due to the pandemic,your health care system is getting over whelmed and yet all is fine and none of it is Trump’s fault, let me guess it’s Obama’s right.
Saying the virus would be gone by April that didn’t come from Trump?
Saying they should look into using bleach that didn’t come from Trump?
Saying Black lives matter painted nicely on the street out side Trump Tower was a sign of hate, guess he didn’t say that either.

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If Trump was as bad as you say, why can’t you give any actual examples?

In April, the common belief in NY was that this was nothing worse than a bad inflenza. In February, Biden and the democrats in congress were calling Trump a Xenophobe and racist for banning travel from Wuhan China. Bleach was never mentioned except as a lie from an PMSNBC panel discussion.

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Christ man we should you the news briefing where he talked about bleach, still going on and on about that failed travel ban, at least wulfie gives a bunch of fright wing links to back his claims up.
Sometimes I think your just trolling because no one can be that thick in the head as to not see the orange turd for who he is.

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Read your own statement, @SQUEEKY2 . I’ve known you a long time and I know you are not a troll. I respect you on anything but politics. However, your language and demeanor are virtually identical to the first internet trolls I encountered in the early 2000’s. Name-calling, reference to turds, insults.

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@Yellowdog: Don’t speak for what you think things were like in NY in April. You are very mistaken. Nobody in NY thought it was “not worse than a bad influenza.” Everything was shut down in NY in April including all schools, public and private. I was staying home from work 24/7 with full pay. Government services such as the Motor Vehicle department were all shut down. Banks were shut for lobby service. Restaurants were shut. Most stores were shut except ones like Walmart, Costco and grocery stores. That’s not “a bad influenza.” I don’t know where you get this stuff from.

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Well good god @Yellowdog You praise the fool after every lie, criticize our demeanor and praise his,you come up with way out stories and expect us to buy them hook line and sinker, with no back up for your tales.

Also read slow I never called you a turd just your hero, I did accuse you of maybe trolling.
Trump has fucked the Covid response so bad , don’t think so?
140,000 dead Americans say other wise.
You can’t see or refuse to see his lying,cheating and fuck ups, but don’t expect us to see him the way you do, SHIT stinks even if it’s orange in colour.

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