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What are some of the worst compliments you have received?

Asked by chyna (46911points) July 22nd, 2020

I guy I was dating, years ago, told me over the phone that I have beautiful blue eyes. I have brown eyes. Very dark brown. Any bad compliments you would like to share?

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“I’m impressed that you are not fucked up“

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The worst was saying I had nice child-bearing hips. Boy bye.

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“You’re a baby making machine.” Fuck right off

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A guy I worked for asked me how my “little” business was doing.

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@lucillex3 Misogynist pigs. I swear!!!

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@KNOWITALL -I wanted to throw up but I didn’t have a bib available. XD

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Oh my rich step grandma said we had a cute starter home once. We have two bedrooms we don’t even use lol. She lives in a four story historic home by herself in Nebraska. Funny lady.

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One guy told me “You’re just made for sex.”

Another guy that I went out on a couple of dates with had a convertible Mustang. Nice car.
On our last date he told me I made a nice seat cover for his car.

It kills me that guys actually think those, and the examples others have given, are compliments. ???? WTF??

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“You’d be hot if you lost weight”

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@Dutchess_lll Sadly half of me took it as a compliment. I had it bad for this guy.

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I am so sorry. What is the end of that story @anniereborn?

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After drunk sex…

“That was quick but you did so well not to fall off!”

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Several ending with, ”...for a woman.”

As a kid I just hated the popular, my how you’ve grown. I didn’t grow. I hit a spurt somewhere around third or fourth grade, but I was still hopelessly smaller than all my classmates.

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My mother’s elderly cousin said to me at a party, “You look like life agrees with you, Jan.” When I said yes, she said, “I mean you’re getting fat!”

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@janbb Wow, backhanded compliment for sure. My grandpa used to do the same thing, bless his heart. :)

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@janbb I once had a guy say to me “Wow, if you were 20 pounds lighter, you’d be gorgeous!” I was not overweight.
I told him that if he were George Clooney, so would he.

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@lucillelucillelucille I didn’t give him the satisfaction of an answer.

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It was a guy, in a bar, who was trying very hard to have sex with me. Paraphrasing here, but it went something like this: “I think you’re beautiful. My friends think you’re so ugly you should put a paper bag over your head, but you’re sexy and gorgeous to me.”

Yeah, he really thought that would work; that I’d be so desperately grateful for his compliment that I’d jump into bed with him.

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@Dutchess_lll We hooked up later on for a night :p

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“You seem pretty smart for a drop-out.”

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