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What is the secret of successful old age?

Asked by nina (895points) September 4th, 2008

I have just formulated some priciples and would like the Collective to elaborate.
In my mind there are 4 parameters that determine the quality of one’s old age:
1. Sound physical and financial condition that leaves you free to pursue other things.
2.Satisfactory relationships (family, friends and such)
3. An engaging pursuit
4. Philosophical attitude towards death

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Good genetics.

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How about good memories?

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pssst…don’t die.

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I like your foundation principles.

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1. The golden rule and 2. Diet and exercise

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Close relations with friends and family.

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Use your brain so that it doesn’t atrophy.

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avoid living in certain schemes in Glasgow

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No regrets. Never wishing you would have taken that chance when you could have.

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Keep a young spirit, and smile when you look back to see what you did back in the day :)

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All good answers but don’t forget a healthy diet and make sure to include garlic and parsley. The parsley is for good breath so you don’t loose close friends which are key also.

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go to bed and wake up early. combine that with a good bowel movement every morning and you’re good to go for life. it’s all about getting out the bed and taking good dumps.

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Not participating.

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Never stop breathing…
It’s hard to tell, some die young while living healthy. Others that smoke and drink daily, grow old.

A believe a lot has to do with the spirit. If there’s a reason to get up in the morning you would most likely keep on going.

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maybe not being awake at 2:00 in the morning! Why can’t I get to sleep!

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never stop learning, always keep you mind open to new things. and dumps. Definately dumps.

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I’d say, as in all other periods in life, success, satisfaction, contentment, and happiness are all mostly determined by one’s ability to choose one’s own criteria for success, rather than preoccupying oneself with what one thinks others think, or with the (nonexistent) “right” criteria for success.

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