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What would you do if someone jumped out of an unmarked van, refused to identify themselves, and tried to abduct you?

Asked by Irukandji (4593points) July 23rd, 2020

Would you assume you had the right to act in self-defense? If so, would it be acceptable to avail yourself of your Second Amendment rights while defending yourself?

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Paramilitary style or just a random creep?

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I’d defend myself… if it was just one of them, and they were not seriously armed…

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It is so frustrating to watch people believing in narratives that are false. Believing in things that aren’t even real even though you can be shown something, you still won’t believe it. If they were Obama’s people in the van, they would be lauded as Heroes. Everything with the left is a double standard. We’ve seen it over and over and over again. But the power of brainwashing and a willingness and dedication to our religion called progressivism somehow overcomes facts and logic.

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So the best you have is the hypothetical “Obama”. Well we had eight glorious years of Obama and he didn’t do this shit. So kindly wait for Fox News to provide you with a better argument. Muppet.

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@Devon727 If that’s true then it’s a double standard with the right too. They say “state’s rights” and “small government” but defend the feds going against the wishes of the states. And if it were Obama’s people, they’d be condemning it. I don’t really understand the point of this line of argument. Reverse the parties and it’s the exact same argument; in other words, it’s not an effective one.

To answer the OP: Hard to say what I would do not being in the situation. I’m not a gun owner, but then, if I were participating protests that sometimes turned violent, I might have a gun, so the situation could be very different. My expectation is that officers (of any kind) identify themselves, so I’d be pretty freaked out if they were not doing so. Would I fire on people I suspect could be officers of the law? Probably not, as doing so would cause me to spend the rest of my life in prison.

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Scary shit,them not identifying themselves is really strange ,if you get the upper hand and kill one or more of them I bet the law will come down hard you!

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@cheebdragon If they refused to identify themselves, you wouldn’t really know. Anyone can play dress up.

@Devon727 What narratives are you talking about, pray tell? This is a purely theoretical question. And in any case, I am neither a progressive nor an Obama supporter.

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I’ve been “through” several different types of riots/protests through the years. The only time I’ve ever been afraid was during the Watts Riots, we could hear the bullets flying, so we spent our nights in the back bedroom of our house.
I have never believed that going out with the crowd is a good idea, and I stay at home.

This last riot in Sacramento had looters break into my DIL place of work at night and break whatever they couldn’t steal. She works at Fry’s electronics, and has kept her job as telephone help desk the whole time. She and three managers now work behind locked doors while the clean-up and re-construction continue.

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There better be 17 of them, because if not they will get their asses handed to them.

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@YARNLADY What question are you answering?

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Years ago I saw some type of show about abduction. The speaker said if someone was trying to abduct you, run, fight, scream, do whatever you can to not get into the vehicle because what they could do to you will be much worse than dying and then they will probably kill you anyway.
So, keeping that in mind, I will not go quietly. If they are really cops, they need to have clearly marked vehicles and uniforms. Everyone is taught from a young age to not get in a car with strangers.

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He’d get his @ss beat for not offering candy first.

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I’d scratch their eyes out & yell bloody murder until a nice soldier boy or policeman rushed to my aid.

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Unlike most here presumably, I’ve been surrounded by a large SWAT team with big guns drawn and pointed at me, my friends and my dogs. You are utterly powerless and if you try to defend yourself with a weapon you will die.

If you’ve watched the same video’s I have, once they come out weapons drawn, you comply.

Obviously if a random creeper, as a 2A supporter, one on one, I wouldn’t hesitate to defend myself.

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@Lucille I grudgingly complied. :(

I answered the door to a muzzle. The man said ‘where is _(insert neighbors name)’. I hesitated because I’m not a snitch.
He looked me straight in the eye and said ‘He’s not who you think. Where is he?’
I said ‘In my bedroom under my bed.’ They got him.

Apparently while all of us were daytime workers he was breaking into homes and stealing. I had no idea.

After he got out of jail he came and asked if he could go to my bedroom because they hadnt realized he had drugs hidden there. I had two babies in that house at the time so I was furious.

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I don’t go willingly. One NEVER goes willingly! If they are going to kill you, you want to make it difficult for them.

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@KNOWITALL -Wow! Pissed would be an understatement.
I dated a man who was a DEA. He was full of adventure. Completely full of it. XD

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@lucillelucillelucille I actually wasn’t upset at the SWAT team, just doing their jobs, but at the neighbor and his wife. See, they’d argued about his ‘career’ and he left to come have a beer at my house to calm down, and his wife sent the SWAT team over so her kids wouldn’t be traumatized.

I don’t deal with thieves and liars, so I was glad they took him. But I did have words with the wife immediately after about sending cops to my house haha! That was in my young, dumb days before I learned to keep better company, early 20’s.

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@KNOWITALL -The neighbor is who I would have a problem with not the SWAT team.
You simply brought back a mediocre memory for ( 20’s for me as well)

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@canidmajor Sorry, the question set off related thoughts.
Real answer: I would probably just faint. I am very sensitive.

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What does this have to do with a well-regulated militia—which is what the 2nd Amendment is talking about? I guess the states would have the authority to call in the National Guard and charge the federal agents with false imprisonment, kidnapping, etc.

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I’d quickly put 3 rounds in their chests.

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Do we have our first bot on Fluther, in the person of @Devon727 ? But, yes, barring the presence of firearms and being outnumbered, I would fight like crazy!

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@Demosthenes The Feds did not go against the states’ wishes. As you may recall, they were in Portland JUST GUARDING the federal courthouse – they do NOT need a state invite to protect federal property. It was only after being invited, that they went into Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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@kritiper If you don’t go willingly and they turn out to be law enforcement, aren’t you inviting a few bullets?

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@Irukandji Good question. If ever I happened to be at a place at a time that enough is going on to warrant this kind of law enforcement, perhaps I deserve whatever happens to me. I realize that unaccountable law enforcement is a recipe for disaster, and therefore, should be avoided. A very interesting perspective on the whole issue is at

Don’t worry: the website belongs to the Philadelphia Inquirer, not its disreputable cousin.

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