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What are your three most important morning rituals?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) July 24th, 2020 from iPhone

Every morning, you get up, and you make sure that you:

-check email
-check news
-drink coffee

What is it that grounds you to face the day?

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Drink Water
Wash and Dress

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Check email, Fluther and FB
Wash and dress
Get newspaper in

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I think bodily waste is a given :/

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Coffee, breakfast and silence.

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Take my medication with water.
Check my calendar.
Watch TV.

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Judge Faith. (I love court tv haha!)

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Feed the dog.
Feed me.

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Coffee, computer and The Today Show.

Showering might be later on, depending on when I’m going out. If I’m not going out till late in the day, I don’t take a shower until right before. That way, if I’m cleaning the house or getting dirty outside, i am clean when I’m ready to walk out the door.

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Empty the pup
Morning news show and internet.

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Go out to the fish pond and dump the bug zapper bits.into the water so the fishies can eat breakfast! They get so excited when they hear me coming!
Empty the dishwasher
Fire up the computer

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I answered incorrectly. I listed the first three things I do, not what grounds me and gets me ready for the day.

In that case, after…

Drink Water
Wash and Dress

It would be…

Go for a drive to get coffee and breakfast.

Listen to a podcast while driving back.

Take out and feed the doggies (who wake up after I get back home).

THEN I’m ready to get to work.

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Put bagel in toaster
Do tai chi (while bagel is toasting)
Have breakfast

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Make a cup of coffee
Do my first set of 20 pushups
Check my phone for messages

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Go to the bathroom.
Make tea.
Make and eat breakfast.

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Stare at nothing

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I have a new one as of July 1: Check Blood Pressure.

I then read my morning meditation email.
Then coffee.

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Wash my face
Comb my hair
Change out of my pj’s.
I have to do these three things first to feel awake. Of course the usual like pee also.

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(I won’t list any bodily functions, grooming, or getting dressed, because they’re given.)

1. Walk doggie
2. Feed doggie
3. Feed husband

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wake up
hit the snooze button
wake up

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Stretch like a cat (at least I give it a try)
Listen a bit to the music I woke up to

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“Fire up the computer”

I really admire the versatility of your wood-burning stove! ;-0

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~ @Brian1946 My Seebeck generator uses a Peltier device to keep me fluthering. I must vent the flame outdoors since I don’t have a catalytic converter in the exhaust stream. :-)

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remember who/where/when I am

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Get up. Help the wife hunt down back packs and face masks for grand kids going off to school. Give kids lecture on keeping track of their own crap, Coffee. Cigar.

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