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What's the best way to reheat a cheeseburger?

Asked by janbb (63033points) July 24th, 2020

As asked.

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Is it a restaurant cheeseburger or home made?

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It will be a restaurant cheeseburger that I am planning not to finish.

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Wrap it in its paper, and put in in the oVeN.

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Separate into parts. Heat the meat in microwave or oven till hot. Then reassemble and eat.

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I would go with RDG on this: just warm the meat, without bun or condiments, and then put it back together. Microwave would be fine, or even a skillet. I wouldn’t use the energy to heat a whole oven for half a cheeseburger.

If I knew I were going to eat only part of a takeout burger, I’d cut it in half straight off and separate the parts for storage so the bun wouldn’t get soggy.

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I would take off the top bun and then put it all in my toaster oven.

You could reheat the meat separately altogether.

Don’t put condiments on the half you are going to save until you are ready to eat it.

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I am a microwave advocate also. Separate, nuke the meat, reassemble, munch.

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Remove the bun and reheat low microwave.

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I’d put it in the oven but I think with condiments on it, it won’t be the same as when it was first made. For that reason, I’d not reheat it and eat it, I’d probably give it to the cats.

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I agree with @RedDeerGuy1. Separate the bread and heat the meat for 30 seconds. Reassemble with a couple of crunchy potato chips and/or some romaine lettuce.

Besides, it’s too hot to turn on the oven!

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@jca2 Yes, I’ve never found a way to reheat part or all of a cheeseburger to make it appealing. And may not this time.

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I have a small toaster oven, so I take out the patty and heat that first. And take off any salad or dressing off the buns and toast them in the toaster oven after the burger. If the burger was in the fridge, I will add a tiny bit of water to keep it from getting overly dry. If you choose to reheat in the microwave do the same thing whether you pulled it out of the fridge or not. When it loses moisture it gets tougher. Be sure to cover it in the microwave so all the moisture doesn’t evaporate. You can wrap it in a damp paper towel. I personally don’t like buns microwaved. because it ruins the texture no matter what you do. I recommend a toaster oven.

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I would treat it like a focaccia. Do you have a panini maker or something similar? I think it could taste good as a gooey mess with toasted buns around, possibly with added cheese to get the melting factor just right.

But then, I love cheese and gooyness. If you’re looking for crispy lettuce, my plan won’t work.

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Take it out of the bun, away from the vegetables, and nuke it in the microwave. Add some fresh lettuce and a fresh slice of tomato.

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I suggest that if you decide to reheat the meat in the microwave, heat it on ½ power for maybe 1 minute. Then if it’s not hot enough, you can add more time. I usually opt for 15 second intervals until it reaches my desired temp. Cuts down on the dried out, burnt problem

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@janbb: Did you reheat it? Update please!

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@jca2 I had the first part last night and the rest is in the fridge but the truth is, after I’ve had a cheeseburger one night, I don’t really want it again so I may not eat it. I actually had about ⅔ of it last night – it was a big one – and was serving birthday cake for dessert.

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@janbb: What you could do with the meat, is do a stir fry with some cooked rice and veggies. Chop the meat up and saute it in a pan with the rice, veggies and some spices and a little soy sauce or worcestershire. I do that sometimes with raw hamburger meat. I would think it would work similarly with cooked burger meat.

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^^ Well, it’s got the cheese on it. The truth is I’m working on being a pescatarian with meat only about twice a month so I guess the idea was more of an academic question. But that’s a good suggestion.

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If you’re not in the mood for another burger, I’d put it in spaghetti sauce with some sliced mushrooms and put it over pasta.

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The pup of a neighbor or friend would probably love a little treat! Mine often benefits from too-large portions of the places I eat with my dogless friends. :-)

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@canidmajor Good thought!

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Update: I spoke to my friend and neighbor and Jackson will be happy to get the doggie treat!

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If you are not going to reheat right away, it does better in the freezer than the refrigerator.
In the refrigerator, the bun gets soggy, the meat gets dry, and the condiments don’t fare well either.
Everything else, I too go with RDG.

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@janbb Give Jackson a scruffle from me! ;-)

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Second update: Apparently Jackson enjoyed his dinner very much!

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Have a few beers first. Then microwave for 60 seconds.

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