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Why do I have long curly hairs on my calves?

Asked by wth_username_taken (10points) 1 week ago

I’m an Asian girl and I know that most female Asians don’t really have a lot of body hair. I only have really fine thin body hair that is almost unnoticeable (unless you really look closely) on my arms, legs, belly and breasts so I never really felt the need to shave or remove them. However, what bothers me most is body hair on my calves. I never shaved them my whole life yet why are they long and curly?

A lot of people advice me to not shave it because it will just worsen (based on their experience) and once you deal with it, you will have to go through it your whole life and laser treatments are way too expensive.

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They are right. Shaving in your situation causes ingrown hair, and that’s a worse problem. I’m sorry I don’t know your answer.

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It’s a myth that shaved hair grows back thicker. If you’re unhappy with it you can shave it or use a hair removal cream like Nair. I have very little hair on my legs but shave it once a month or every six weeks just in the summer and it doesn’t get ingrown or grow back darker or thicker.

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Speaking as a user here. I have found ‘epilating’ with my cordless, rechargeable “Emjoi Emagine” epilator is most effective. I have used epilating now for several years. The hair, once removed, when it grows back is finer and more sparse. And slower to regrow. Now I only use it maybe every 2 weeks or longer. I hope this helps!

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In a former life, you were an orangutan.

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Shaving does not make it worse. That’s an old wives tale. Hormones as we age can lessen or thicken the hair. And men tend to get thicker beards as they age but again that has to do with hormones and genetics. Not because they shave. Cutting hair at a certain angle can cause the hair end to look blunt as well, as it grows in. Vitamins can make hair seem to grow in fuller if you were lacking in vitamins to begin with. I had lots of hair as a kid on my legs and had to shave every 2 days from my teens to my 40’s. It was fine and not really noticeable till I hit puberty. Then it grew a little thicker but not more. I shaved all the time. I will advise if you plan to shave, shave down with the direction of the hair. Not up against the hair. And put some mild anticeptic on it to prevent getting nubs. By the time I was 40 they started to lessen in growth and amount. Now I don’t really need to shave. Just have a small few stands that grow on my shin and when I do shave them it can take over a month for them to grow back in.
I would be a concerned with the amount of body hair you say you have, provided you aren’t just sensitive about body hair and exaggerate the amount and growth. My Japanese sister in law would tell me she’s hairy and needed to shave her arms and you needed a microscope to find the hair she was talking about. If you are truly extremely hairy I would have my hormone levels checked. And even if everything comes back normal, keep a check on your health for possible thyroid issues in the future.

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@Pandora She said she is not very hairy except for on her legs. I think she’s only concerned with that.

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One of my daughters has very curly hairs as the OP describes. When the shaved hair (or hair removed with a depilatory) grows back, it shows up as an ingrown hair. Unless you actually like ingrown hairs, it is a problem.

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