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Has anything good happened to you today?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34289points) 1 week ago

I found a paintbrush that I used in high school and am very happy about it as it was my favorite.
Anything good for you today?

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I finally washed all the sand from between my toes.
That sh…grit gets right down there lol

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@ucme Wear cowboy boots next time.

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The blackberries in the front yard are big and fat right now. Where when you pick them you have to be careful so they don’t explode. So I picked some this morning and made a blackberry milkshake this morning. And BLT for lunch. Minus the tomatoes (eww) but with Miracle Whip! (yum),,

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My anti-migraine medicine worked!

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So far, to get near my big mantis I have to retrieve it from high up the drapes.
A few minutes ago she felt safe to cruise the room, stopping for a little bit to sit on the table next to me. It was a short visit, but it was very cool.

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I lost 2 more pounds !!!

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Not a thing, no wait, I’m here.

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Smooched my wife, hugged my daughter and the doggies. Always good stuff.

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Is this a revisit of a question @janbb kept going a long time?
Or maybe it was someone else.
I was just thinking today about old threads I haven’t seen in a while.

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A mechanic looked at my car, and says the radiator fans, which I thought were malfunctioning, are fine.

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@Patty_Melt -No, I haven’t seen the question you’ve mentioned.
It was motivated by a desire to hear something good.

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@Patty_Melt Yes, I thought of that too. Someone else had started it and I kept it up for a long time.

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I woke up and my heart is beating. Feeling terrific!

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I woke up not dead.

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I’m talking to a sexy gal here! She acts like she knows it all though.

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^^ Well, that was quite a clue.

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@janbb I’m just picking on her.

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@Coolhandluke I like her attitude very much.

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Lived through it guess thats good.

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I’m glad someone reestablished this question. I quit the other one because it was too painful seeing old posts of gone jellies.

Today I had the to go to my doctor. The news was good, for now. Finally having a scooter is a feeling of freedom I thought I would not experience again.
It is a hassle down and up the front steps, and tiresome, but so liberating.
I got an Arby’s double roast beef before coming home.

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I was able to get my low carb/sugar chocolate ice cream that I love !

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Hey, that is a good thing!
Enjoy. :-p

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Too much to list

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