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Have you ever used a big-name cleaning company remotely? See details?

Asked by canidmajor (18496points) July 29th, 2020

I mean like Servicemaster or Merry Maids or that kind of group.
For example, if an older relative moves or dies out-of-state, and you have had to handle the cleaning of the house to present for sale, doing this from a remote location, what group did you use for this service?
Only looking for names, guys, not advice as to how to go about this.

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I’ve used Merry Maids in several cities and I was always happy. I was never remote though.

If you are getting it ready to sell your realtor should be able to help you with this. She can give you guidance and check on the house before the cleaning people leave. She might have a service she uses regularly.

Does the house need to have a lot of items thrown out? That would likely be a different type of service.

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I use “Heaven’s Best” carpet cleaning and can say they really are great. Both in the good job they do and a reasonable price.

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If the house is for sale get in touch with agent, get quotes from services and you decide who to use but agent may have insight into who not to use. Cleaning services are independently owned and operated.

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@JLeslie So you don’t know if they can do this remotely? I’m asking for a friend, I guess they can call the national # and ask.

@si3tech Do they do general cleaning and work remotely?

@Tropical_Willie Thanks for the response, but only looking for names, here.

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There are BAD franchises, just like bad national restaurants. You could hire someone and find out later they are being investigated for thief while clean multiple times. There is no national number for most the cleaning, restoration companies. the “800” number rings on someones desk or cell in the area you are in.
I have two friends that are in the business, one does fire, flood and storm restoration and the other does homes and businesses light cleaning to deep cleaning. Know who you are hiring not just the company name.

Get quotes ! !

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Of course they can do it remotely. You just need to get the cleaning service the key to the house. Merry Maids is a franchise. When you call you likely will speak to the owner, that has always been my experience. It is possible they will have hired a person who does the scheduling. When you talk to them they will tell you how it usually works.

I was a realtor and I take care of houses for rent at times, and this sort of thing is done all of the time. People who have rentals often have their homes cleaned by services in-between renters and it isn’t unusual for the service to have the code to let themselves in. A lot of rentals are on combination locks.

You need to know what state the house is in. Some cleaning services are just for cleaning, not for throwing out lots of trash.

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@Tropical_Willie Again, not what I was asking. I was asking if anyone had experience doing this.

@JLeslie Do you know this from experience? Not every franchise does everything.
I appreciate the heads up on Merry Maids, your experience as a realtor helps here.

I know how this all works, I just wanted names that anyone has had experience with.

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If you call a few places you will get an idea from the conversation if you feel comfortable or not. It will be more helpful than asking here, because you still will want to feel comfortable with whomever you wind up working with. They will likely want to know how “messy” the place is. They need to allot a reasonable amount of time.

Here, where I live now, I use a local woman who does her own business, she does a lot of rentals here and came recommended, but otherwise I would go with the nationally known companies, and Merry Maids is the one I have used the most. They are insured, bonded. have a cleaning protocol, and bring their own vacuum and cleaning supplies. They usually work in teams of two or three people and get done with the house quickly. It can be more expensive, but in my experience is more foolproof, but of course I can’t guarantee.

Again, a realtor should be able to help with cleaning and handymen if you are doing everything from a distance. Or, do you have a neighbor in the area who maybe will help or know some names to refer?

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I mentioned to my friend that I would ask here, just to get some names For them to start with. I’ll just show them this thread. Thanks all.

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Whoever you hire, make sure you get before and after pictures. Be sure they’re bonded and insured (and double check to make the license and insurance is up to date). Be prepared to pay more for this. If you have any question about their honesty, have someone other than the cleaning company take the pictures.

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