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Were the 1960's one of the most creative decades in American culture?

Asked by KNOWITALL (23631points) 5 days ago

From the cars, music to the language “out of sight”, Route 66, Vietnam War, the assassinations of JFK and MLK, Beatles, drugs-the 1960’s had it all.

If you were of age at the time, what were some other thing’s I’ve missed?

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Along with MLK was the civil rights movement.
Free love

What I miss most about the 60’s was its hopefulness, the belief that individuals could make a difference.

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@LostInParadise What were you doing, if you were around?

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Depends on what you mean by “creative.” The 20s were pretty creative with flappers and deco art.

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@Dutchess_lll Very true, good point!

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The thing that is pretty much undeniable about this country in the postwar era, culminating in the 60s was that it was the most optimistic period in our history, where the future appeared positive and most of us believed the American dream plausible. It saddens me considerably to contemplate that I almost certainly had the great luck and considerable advantage to come of age in the greatest and most equitable era this country is likely to see. It is actually frightening to realize how enormously my lifelong good fortune hinged on just plain arbitrary good luck.

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@KNOWITALL , I was not a full participant. I did not do drugs or practice free love, but it really was a great time to grow up. In addition to the Beatles, there was a lot of really good folk music by the likes of James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Carole King.

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@stanleybmanly Maybe that’s why so many people long for that time period that lived through it. Optimism.

@LostInParadise Hey, you skipped some of the best parts from what I’ve heard…haha! Yes, the music is incredible!! I listened to greatest hits of the 60’s on youtube this afternoon and wow!

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No more or less creative than any other decade.

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You missed the moon landing.
It was a great time to grow up.

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One of the less pleasant aspects was the talk about fallout shelters and who could come in and who would be chased away.

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I think it was, yes, as far as the art inspiring and inspired by the countercultural movement. It was an innovative time.

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I think it was a very creative time in America. Interesting you put the Beatles in there since they are British, but they did have a huge following in America.

Other things in the 60’s:
-We went to the moon for the first time.
-I was born.
-Go go boots.
-Pucci clothing for his prints.
-Jackie Kennedy’s signature style.
-I’m pretty sure The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof was from the 60’s, there are probably a plethora of great musicals from that decade.

I think every decade probably has some greatness in creativity though. Technology made incredible strides after the 60’s. The internet, personal computers, DVR, cell phones, video phones, so many amazing things. Before the 60’s too. It’s amazing the wealth of creativity and invention in our country over the years. GQ.

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I watched Nancys Boots yesterday and the dancing wS so neat, and kinda sexy. The little shoulder shimmy and super short dresses…wow.
I read an article who said it was the most creative so I was curious since I wasn’t born until the 70’s.
We’ve discussed why so many people long for those times and I think the answer is creativity was flowing along with optimism. Thanks!!

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@KNOWITALL Great point about the optimism, but it was a hard time in many other ways. Vietnam, Civil Rights, I think some parts of the country were much more carefree than others. These hard times probably fed creativity. More introspection, more pain, more wanting to feel good during good times. Extremes bring on other extremes.

I think part of the idealization of the 60’s is because our current older generation were children to young adults at the time, so they are simply remembering being young.

The 60’s was when the suburbs were growing, and people felt proud of their homes and felt part of a neighborhood. Certain sections of America anyway. Cruising in cars and starting families. It was a continuation of the 50’s post war baby boom and the American middle class was beginning to grow. Life was affordable, people maybe had more leisure time, I’m not sure about that. That’s my perception. Time to be creative.

Women were working more too, more than the 50’s anyway. My guess is they were starting to feel more and more empowered. I think that fed creativity.

Maybe there were more hallucinogenic drugs too. Lol.

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@JLeslie And a ton of alcoholics I’ve heard. Such interesting times!

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@KNOWITALL I don’t associate the 60’s with alcohol, but maybe because my parents weren’t drinkers. There was definitely alcohol flowing though. Think about the show Bewitched. Benign and cute, and Samantha had a drink ready for Darrin when he arrived home.

I kind of remember some ad campaign or wife advice that talked about being pretty for your husband when he came home from work and have his dinner ready and a drink. I don’t know if that was the 60’s or a different era.

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Mad Men, which depicts that era, shows them drinking all the time. They all had little bars set up in their offices.

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