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Can you believe it? ucme has pole vaulted over the 50,000 Lurve mark! Who can see that high?

Asked by kritiper (19175points) 2 months ago

Sorry, but I am speechless…

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Gadzooks and gloryoskies! Congratulations!

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Stay safe

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Pip, pip and all that. It’s about time!

Congrats on the well deserved 50K! That is a high bar to clear – especially with so few people hanging around!
Thanks for bringing humor and your (sometimes) sensible advice.
Spiffing job!

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Yay, a milestone old chap! Hip hip hooray!

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50,000 lurve, Magic numbers ucme!

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Well done! Congrats, ucme!

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Neptune says he can’t find this user HOW CAN THAT BE TRUE?

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Things happen @YARNLADY !

I don’t like it.

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His, 3lucille’s, and josie’s accounts have been deleted.

I wonder if it’s directly and/or indirectly related to his last Meta thread being deleted.

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One user recalls that ucme declared he(?)would leave upon reaching this level.

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If they are gone, so am I.

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No, please.

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I give it 48 hours to see if they rematerialize in new incarnations.

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Well, I’ll say it anyway: congratulations on a very hard milestone to get to.

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Congo rats! It’s wonderful to see contributors being recognized as valuable and appreciated! WTFG!!!

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It’s a remarkable achievement and only possible through relentless dedicated participation here. In view of this, it is difficult to understand this place shooting itself in the foot through the deletion of 3 of its most vigorous participants in the midst of chronic anemic participation and dwindling membership. I cannot believe that we should be so readily deprived of 3 of our veterans through arbitrary dismissal. What the fuck is going on?

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@stanleybmanly Dismissal? or by choice?

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I concede that the 3 of them might have simultaneously “volunteered”. It never occurred to me that all 3 might conspire to “volunteer” their resignations.

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Um, congratulations on the achievement!? I was excited, but then read the thread.

Were @ucme’s staff actually CIA mole sleeper agents who activated when he hit 50k Lurve and took out him (sure), @Josie (‘natch), and….@lucielleluciellelucielle (nooooooo) ???

Was it Mi6? The Mosad?

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This might be the most depressing 50k thread ever.

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If someone is in touch with ucme, maybe they can get in touch and fill us in.

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Edited to add “If someone is in touch with ucme and Lucille maybe they can get in touch and fill us in.”

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@jca2 I think he already explained that once he got to 50k he was reevaluating his participation on the site. One of the threads were deleted from meta.

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@KNOWITALL: Yes, someone mentioned that. Wasn’t sure if he was sticking to that idea.

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@jca2 Haven’t heard from him since the previous thread, so no idea. I’m hopeful he just needed a break like most of us do from time to time.

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Wow. Congrats, you snarky bastard.

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Congratulations and jubilations to our dearest Brit! Here’s to the next 50k! Everyone out on the porch for tea and crumpets, the staff have already served the celebration tea!!!

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@cookieman just asked a question in meta? Why was it deleted?

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@Mama I don’t think Q’s are generally allowed with jellies listed by name except for the mansion.

My total count is 5 gone in two weeks now. One chose not to delete the account yet.

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There are also degrees of removal. Banished for life is one thing; a two-week timeout is another, usually (or it used to be usually) following some number of warnings. And sometimes people leave noisily in protest of something.

I would hope that people who are speaking in factual terms actually have some facts.

I’ve also noticed (here and elsewhere) that when somebody gets admonished or disciplined for adverse behavior, they tend to blame it on somebody they really have been harassing—even though that person may never have made a complaint. It’s a sign of their own culpability and not evidence of anyone else’s action.

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@Jeruba I agree. One of the things I enjoy about Fluther is that the rules that keep trollers at bay. Had one pop in the other day and I’m usually accommodating to newbies but I could see clearly it was a political troll. I didn’t report them but I did mention in my comment that I believed them to be a troll and their question got removed till they amended it. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with my statement, but I did not report them in an official way. I’m sure the moderators saw it, though it may have been because of grammar errors. I have no way of knowing. I’ve had my questions cleared out before and either chose to fix it or let it be deleted. Sometimes simply for putting it in the wrong category. I’m okay with small a small group. It’s easier to understand why some people answer a certain way than it would be if people were constantly joining and leaving.

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Please reach out to me @ucme. I left contact info on my profile page.

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