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Trump tweeted Thursday: "With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history." Why do you think that he thinks that?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13257points) July 30th, 2020

Other than desperate to stay in the media ratings, why?

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I am reasonably certain does not.
He just knows that more people voting means he is more likely to lose.
And just like he does with the press, to brainwash his base, where “if it is against me, it is fake news”, any election where he loses is automatically fraudulent.
And his supporters will lap it all up, as they always do.

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He doesn’t think that.

It’s a blatant lie, for political reasons.

Republicans don’t want easy voting, because it means they’ll be at a disadvantage in the elections.

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Because the GOP is pulling out all the stops to disrupt the voting. All of the big voter fraud cases of the last five years have been efforts to elect GOP members.

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My best guess is that he wants his base to believe that the election is rigged and to counter with more rigging to balance out the unjust democrats. Basically he is asking his base to cheat, because he wants to win with almost every trick in the book. He also wants an out if he loses, that the election was rigged and not his fault if he loses.

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Sew chaos to deflect from accountability. He was running on the economy and the news today is how far it has tanked.

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I can see the election is going to be something else for the country to be divided about. On top of everything else, the politicization of the virus, masks, Trump, Trump’s behavior, Russia, police shootings, protests, etc. now it’s going to be whether the election can be trusted and are the results fraudulent.

He’s throwing out the seeds now. They’ll be sprouting by November.

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No idea why that crazy man would believe it.

‘The U.S. Justice Department this past week charged former Democratic congressman Michael Myers with stuffing ballot boxes, bribing an elected official, falsifying records, obstructing justice and voting multiple times in federal elections in Philadelphia.

Myers was the second official charged in the scheme.

Domenick DeMuro, a Democratic ward chairman in that city, admitted in a plea deal that he had “fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear,” prosecutors said.

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A postal carrier in my state was caught changing ballots. Apparently it was the postcard that you receive first to check which party you are with. He was fired. But I thought that when I got the postcard it was a bad idea to have ANYTHING concerning voting on a postcard.
Measures need to be taken to make it more secure.
Edited to add: he was changing Democratic Party to Republican Party. So the voter received the wrong ballots. Democrats or Republicans, they all have people that cheat.

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Trump and other Republicans say that mail-in voting favors Democrats, but everything I have read on this says there is no advantage to either party.

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Again. He doesn’t think that. He is simply trying everything, to attack the numbers.

He never accepted the 2016 count.
It’s a part of his narcissistic personality…

He needs the biggest crowds, ratings, voting margin, etc, to feed his pathetic ego…..

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He has the Little Shop of Horrors ego.

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Mail-in voting means more people will vote, including the demographics that often vote less and could help vote him out of office. So of course he opposes it. It’s just practical.

What will be interesting to see is if he loses whether he will blame it all on fraud. That could be a disaster.

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GOP Voter suppression !

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Mail in voting going to everyone and coming FROM anyone is an illegal nightmare! Absentee voting is: REGISTERED voters requesting absentee ballots for whatever reason such as health, travel and so on. There is a huge (yuge) difference!

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It’s illegal? Well my county has been doing it for years. Guess we’re in trouble with Trump.

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Cause he’s gonna lose.

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He votes by mail, so ya gotta wonder what he knows.

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@filmfann If they were to have a vote today – -

40 % for Trump

52% for Biden or Democratic candidate

8% undecided

So if all the undecided voted ( not likely maybe 3% would vote for him ) He would come up with only 48% of popular and the swing states like North Carolina look more likely to vote for Biden.

Polls in June had Biden at 238 electoral votes with only 270 needed to win Presidency

With more dead bodies from COVID-19 he is looking for anything to save his TV reality show rating.

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Only registered citizen voters by law can vote.

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@si3tech Yup and only registered citizens get a mail in ballot form the county registrar.

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@janbb You got that right!

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^^ So your problem is?

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I don’t know which is worse, trump spewing his usual BS or American voters who still believe in his BS.

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@mazingerz88 there are fewer and fewer that believe him.

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The truth is we have not had an honest election in years in America. Because of the cheating! Voters voting multiple times in multiple states. Dead people voting, The left will not allow “clearing” the rolls so dead people aren’t still voting. Peoples’ pets are voting! Illegals are voting.This is the single biggest fraud!

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And @si3tech GOP blocking people from voting ” ‘cause of their color of their skin” !

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Do not forget the lizard people teleporting billions of ballots into the ballot boxes!
And the King of the Fairies using his mind control powers to make people vote for Democrats!
And the Illuminati replacing politicians with remote controlled, tank-bred clones so they are always in control!

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@ragingloli and the GOP is out number by registered Democrats !

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@si3tech You forgot the Russians hacking the voting machines.

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I don’t think he believes it. I think he’s using it as a “distraction” to keep everybody focused on the election rather than talking about 150K people dead & the fact that the economy is in the process of tanking!!! Look back at the 2016 election, he did NOT win by popular vote. He won by CHEATING & picking & choosing which states could push him over the 270 mark. So, IF he could control the voting in 2020, he’d fucking cheat all over again, so he understands first hand how easy it is to cheat to get what you want (he’s cheated on 3 out of 3 wives)!!! As @YARNLADY pointed out, he votes by mail; so I’m now wondering what it is that he’s doing to cheat when he votes by mail???

When he sent out the Census, they gave everybody who was supposed to respond an ID number so they could track each & every one of us to verify that we didn’t reply twice. I don’t understand WHY it is so much harder to regulate voter ballots!!! As bad as I want to see him voted out of office, I’ve NEVER even fantasized about cheating with my vote. The hanging chad was Republican related, the redistricting of districts to favor Republicans was set up by the Republicans.In 2016, a nursing home here in Georgia was taking a busload of residents to the polls to vote. Our Republican governor had the bus blocked & turned back. They weren’t allowed to vote in that election. I know the Dems cheat as well, but it’s never on the same scale as the Republicans!!! Not belonging to either party, I don’t trust either side so I do my best to keep an eye out for BOTH. My voting track record is 50/50. IF the Republican party doesn’t change their ways, I may well change my way of thinking before I vote in any future election!!!

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