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What is your opinion about the CNN Special Report about Trump’s Conspiracy Theories?

Asked by JLeslie (61534points) July 30th, 2020 from iPhone

I really don’t want this to devolve into any arguing. I really just want people’s reactions without two much cross talk. I am especially interested in what jellies think about QAnon, and do you think they are dangerous? Do you think Trump is influenced by them? Do you think they are manipulating the masses?

The episode has a photo of Flynn taking the Q oath, Trump with a Q leader in the White House, Trump’s son tweeting Q lingo.

It first aired July 20.

It is on demand on my cable, Xfinity, I had to first go to CNN Special Reports, and then look for the most recent episode.

Here is a link to it on YouTube, you need to scroll down a little and you will see it.

I assume you can see it on CNN streaming, but I couldn’t find it.

It’s narrated by Fareed Zakaria.

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Whenever I read something about QAnon it mentions Pizzagate which is total insanity imo so I don’t want to waste precious time thinking about conspiracy theory nuts.

But whether they’re just plain nuts or malevolent and malicious Americans who have evil plans for those they oppose, after trump the TV show host got installed in the WH by 60 million Americans, what can be worse?

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The idea that Trump believes that there is a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles running the country is by far the most outlandish thing I have ever read.

Puh-leeze get your news from somewhere else, @JLeslie. Maybe from sources that actually know something about Donald J Trump.

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@Yellowdog What about the masses? Do you think that the Q leaders start some of the disinformation on social media and then people are forwarding it as truth? I have friends who use a lot of their phrases.

Did you watch the show?

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Yellow is a fucking moron. I could outline the ways but he will keep on being a knob. Can we please just ignore whatever the fuck is wrong with him. Be kind to mental illness.

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Can you find a single instance where Trump or anyone close to him has made such outlandish claims?

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I would but you @Yellowdog would ignore it !

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@JLeslie Are these folks on your side?

Yet they claim the higher moral ground over Trump, and those who pedal conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories (the CNN artlcal) think they should be the ones running the country.

Trump and his support staff are rational people who do NOT say this garbage from CNN,
CNN says Trump says a Deep State of Satan-worshiping pedophiles are running the country undermining him? I’ll need a little more convincing on that one.

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Well there you go @JLeslie it is okay to be like Trump delusional 1

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I agree with @Tropical_Willie , @Yellowdog we could give you a thousand quotes of Trump saying wacked out shit,and spewing hateful rhetoric but you would ignore them all so why bother?
Your God can do no wrong in your eyes.

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Let’s just see if the rest of your country love him as much as you do come November.

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Here you go. Now go head and stick your fingers in your ears and say “lalalala, I can’t hear you”.

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He just uses them to gain more support from right wing extremists, who still think he is “too far left”.
Why would drumpf have any interest in dismantling any paedophile rings?
He was buddy buddy with Epstein and Maxwell, so was probably deeply involved in one himself. (that is why he had Epstein killed, and sent Maxwell a veiled threat in “wishing her the best”, after she was arrested)

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After reading the posts above, I’ll pass. Good question though @JLeslie.

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@ALL Please don’t fight with @Yellowdog. I’m interested in everyone’s opinion.

@Yellowdog what I hear Trump and others around him say are some of the other things being messaged by these groups. About covid and what’s happening with BLM I see a lot of the verbiage. I think Trump and people around him either believe some of this stuff or use it to rile up supporters.

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@KNOWITALL We posted at the same time. I don’t blame you, but I am very interested in your opinion. Thanks for visiting the Q anyway.

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Well, it wants me to “Sign up to watch CNN Special Report on YouTube TV.” in order to be allowed to watch a CNN report on Q-anon, which I am not going to do to start my morning.

I have had more experience with Q-anon than I care to already, having spent a fair amount of time discussing Q-anon stuff with a former Facebook friend (I think he may have been banned?) and the nutjobs responding to his posts.

I tried to detect intelligence, and tried to understand where these folks were coming from. I found a mix of trolls, fools, idiots, crazy people, deliberate cultivation of paranoid nonsense, and people who were smart but who were playing at going along with it and enjoying the insanity of seeing how many crazy fools would go along with it.

The stories tend to all be several degrees of “this is utter nonsense” piled on top of each other. But at least some (probably most) of the people agreeing and repeating it seem to no ability to smell the ultra-ripe bullshit, all the way to the conclusion that Trump is a genius savior . . . which, yeah, I consider dangerous.

I think it’s dangerous but only because of the larger horror that is revealed by its degree of popularity and apparent acceptance by far, far too many people. Similar to how I think Trump is atrocious but I’m more horrified that there is still far far too many people who support him.

I don’t know if Trump actually believes any of the Q-anon BS. Probably not. I think that, like all the other non-Q-anon BS that Trump spouts and goes along with, Trump doesn’t really believe or care about much of anything other than pleasing his mega-corporate political allies, saving his own ass from prison, and grabbing as much power/wealth as he can. His tactic since 2016 has been to barrage the media with incoherent self-contradictory outrageous idiocy in order to jam public discourse about him so that he can avoid a coherent concentrated effort to shut him down.

I guess it shows that if you lack the discernment to see what Trump clearly is, then it’s also not that far off to believe someone telling you any nonsense at all.

Such as:

* Yep, forest fires are clearly almost all set by military space lasers under the control of California and other state governments who are going it for all that sweet Federal disaster assistance, so thank Jesus Trump wisely saw through that with his wisdom and denied them aid.

* Yep, all of Europe has been overrun by evil white-woman-raping Muslims – it’s a non-stop war zone over there. Thank Q-anon that Trump is wise enough to protect us with Muslim bans.

* Yeah, Trump created the Space Force to reveal to the good people of the USA that we already have a space navy. It’s hiding behind the Moon, so we can’t see it. Good thing too, because it’s going to save us from the space alien attack.

* In order to understand the current world political situation, you really ought to know about how before the fall of Nazi Germany, there was a huge exodus of Nazi German forces to the Arctic Circle . . .

et cetera ad infinitum . . .

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@JLeslie After doing some research, I’ll reiterate I’m not much for conspiracy theories in general.

“I am especially interested in what jellies think about QAnon, and do you think they are dangerous? Do you think Trump is influenced by them? Do you think they are manipulating the masses?”

I do think it’s dangerous to the degree that it inflames already paranoid segments of the population who may are inclined to believe the worse of Democrats, government in general, as well as giving Trump a ‘savior-like mission’ during his term(s).

I don’t believe Trump is influenced by them anymore than I am, but he may use them as tools to garner votes in subtle ways.

As far as manipulating the masses, yes, I do think it works on a lot of people. I see many social media posts spreading the message now with no reference to Trump or Q. Because it is in reference to child abuse on a massive scale, it does carry ‘voting’ weight with those groups I referenced above and previous victims, who take it very seriously.

In regards to my own opinion, I take all political posturing by all groups with a grain of salt and although I do pay attention (to manipulation), I don’t buy into it that kind of paranoia.

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I have a hard time giving any credibility for any CNN special report about President Trump. They have burned that bridge long ago. As for QAnon and President Trump being on the same team and the idea that QAnon has somehow influence the President, I will say I doubt it. It is possible that President Trump saw something one of their members wrote and liked the sound of it and repeated or retweeted it. But that’s really no different than Candidate Biden repeating something BLM said. It doesn’t mean he is working for them or there is some sort of secret tie between them…just that he heard something he liked and repeated it. I find QAnon less intrusive and disruptive than Antifa and BLM, and less influential. Asking this question is sort of pushing a conspiracy theory. I mean, why don’t we resurrect the “white power” hand signals or the “666” hand signals showing he is either a skinhead or a satanist.

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@seawulf575 The last post I read in regards to this subject was Chrissy Teigen being a cannibal and deleting 28 tweets after Ghislaine was arrested. Sigh…I can’t even.

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@Zaku I was hoping jellies might be able to find it on whatever cable company they subscribe to at home or whatever streaming service.

@KNOWITALL Thanks for taking the time, I know you were hesitant. I don’t think everyone who might be manipulated are actually Q followers, but that the messaging gets passed around through social media and gets into the mainstream.

I’m also hearing a lot with the child abuse theme, it’s usually in reference to covid, and children being unable to go to school, but I think this is all part of the same plot to make it seem like Democrats don’t care about child abuse, or Republicans care more about it. Not sure the exact angle.

I have a friend (we were just getting to be very good friends before covid) who I think is possibly very influenced by Q or something similar. She keeps posting to not wear masks, she writes things like: The way we restrain all this evil is by calling upon God to help more of us do what’s right and what’s GOOD. #TimeToRiseUP #PushBack

Another is: And then add onto this they want to make 1000’s of children go to school wearing stupid MASKS??! How would someone be able to identify a missing child???

It’s the “rise up” in the first quote that scares me most. That sounds like a call to arms. She sends me lots of videos, I was curious now to go back and see if I recognize any of the videos as being some of the people mentioned on the CNN special. Trump seems to be feeding the idea for people to not accept the election.

I heard this morning he is copyrighting or trademarking “telerally.” A bit of brilliance there. I have said for over a year that even if he loses he will still have influence, because he will continue to message his loyal followers. I am not calling all Republicans loyal followers to be clear. I just didn’t guess about the telerallies, I was just thinking about twitter. Covid gave him a new avenue I think, that I am not even sure he had thought of before.

@seawulf575 I did a fluther Q about 666. You can rest easy, no one seemed to be on board with the idea. I agree being afraid of QAnon can be flipped around like I am pushing a conspiracy theory regarding the QAnon, but I do think they are having a lot of influence. Do you think the photo of Flynn is a fake? The CNN show talked about more than a few congressman who are supposedly part of the Q group, I don’t remember how many. It might have been 30. As I mentioned above, I hear some of what Q pushes in the mainstream.

As far as BLM, I really don’t think BLM is pushing the things you are talking about. I think it is other smaller fringes. It feels to me like groups like Q are spinning the BLM movement and protests into some sort of anti-capitalism anti-religion anti-America movement. These fringe groups put these things out there and the mainstream latches on.

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@JLeslie The pedo legalization and this conspiracy rumor are taken very seriously by many people who aren’t even political in my area, we’ve seen it too much, but especially by many conservatives in my area. If they thought for one minute Dems were complicit or hiding it, I can’t say what would happen but it wouldn’t be good.

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@JLeslie I compare BLM to QAnon for a reason. I look out and ask the question: what has each group done to impact my life. For QAnon, the answer is…nothing. Nothing that I know about, anyway. If there were some murky underworld where they were beaming information secretly into my brain, I guess they could. But to be honest, I had to look them up to see who and what they were. Meanwhile, BLM is being plastered across every city in America. They have enabled mob rule in portions of many cities and had the backing of the leadership of those cities to do it. They have pushed to have police defunded across the country. BTW, I did a Fluther Q about that a while ago and pretty much everyone who answered felt it was a stupid idea and no one would take it seriously. Guess they were all wrong, eh? But to continue, violence has increased across the country and frequently it involves BLM protests. BLM is definitely impacting me and is being broadcast 24/7 to every human in this country.
And given that amount of inundation of information and the impact real time on our lives by BLM, to ask a question about QAnon and Trump seems to be a conspiracy theory being pushed just to Trump bash.

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@seawulf575 You know which other Americans are also greatly impacted by the BLM movement? Racist Americans.

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You know which other Americans are also greatly impacted by the BLM movement? Restaurant workers, who think its an order for Bacon, Lettuce, and ‘Maters.

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@mazinger I think you’re wrong. This only plays into their stereotypes and prejudices.

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Of course Trump doesn’t believe in Q-Anon’s BS.
Trump is not stupid.
But since Q-Anon thinks Trump is a secret agent super hero…. Trump will exploit that, and pander to them, feeding into their Cult-affected minds.
No matter how much damage they cause, if they remain fans of Trump, they’ll have Trump’s support.

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This stuff is not circulating in the Trump circles. I’ve only once heard Trump mention it, saying he did not know anything about it.

It would seem to me that many of you should start hyping what Trump is actually saying than relying on your own conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories.

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Of course you haven’t seen it. You don’t see, hear or know anything you don’t want to.

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Seriously, @Darth_Algar Nothing has been on the conservative or Christian networks extolpilating this. You only hear it on the infomercials and propaganda that YOU think is news.

There are lots of things people really believe the right and the centrists are doing that plainly are not happening, and you would understand if you followed their media.

The “Q Oath” and other figments cited here are a fabrication of the political left.

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Sure thing, Doggo.

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@Yellowdog Do you think it’s possible the news you watch purposely doesn’t air certain information that will hurt Trump? I know sometimes they talk about things that we could consider showing two viewpoints, but I’m asking about sometimes not reporting specific things.

Do you think media like CNN leaves out some stories on purpose? Do you think a journalist like Fareed Zakaria would purposely fabricate information?

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It’s now December 2020 and America has entered a dystopian nightmare.
After a legitimate election win by Joe Biden (who I have hated for years), Trump has used conspiracy theories to brainwash nearly half the nation that he actually won the election.
He is now floating trial balloons of Martial Law, with General Flynn, General McInerney, Pentagon nominee Scott O’Grady, and others… all of whom are encouraging Trump to declare martial law.
Of course the Supreme Court will invalidate Trump’s power grab if he goes that far…. but the fact half the nation now wants this: spells doom for America. We’re circling the drain. Our Republic cannot withstand half its citizens being part of a conspiracy theory Cult.

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^^^ That’s quite a conspiracy theory!

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WOW! That’s a lot of propaganda!

Why not listen to the actual sources for yourself, and get your own perspective,

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Okay @Yellowdog . . .

“Why not listen to the actual sources for yourself, and get your own perspective”

Who are you listening to ? ?


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. . ” story was pushed by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, so many news outlets covered it with skepticism and discernment.”

Alexis Benveniste, CNN Business Updated 1:35 PM ET, Sun December 13, 2020

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@Yellowdog , OANN is propaganda. WND is propaganda. UK-Independent is mainstream news of record. So is Business Insider. So is Forbes.
And even Fox News is News of Record…. so long as you avoid their Opinion hosts, and also question the guests they have on.
But OK, let’s go straight to the 1st Person source: General Flynn’s group “We the People Convention”. Yes. Flynn wants martial law, and admits it.

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Told y’all conspiracy theories were dangerous

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