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Is Trump merely distracting American voters from his failures with rhetoric of chaotic election this year or is he serious about delaying the elections?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25177points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Does trump have the power to delay a Presidential election?

Also, do you find this Trump video troubling or not?

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He can’t do a thing about the election date, maybe if he was really a dictator without a Congress !

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Although I didn’t watch your video, Trump’s statement which you refer to was in direct response to Obama saying he feared Trump would take advantage of the Covid crises by committing voter suppression or not accepting the results of the election.

Trump replied that maybe we should move the election to a date when the Covid crises wouldn’t be a problem. There have been lots of studies showing how inaccurate mail-in voting would be.

Voter fraud is far more likely and far less accurate with mail-in votes. A trial run by CBS showed that 3% of the mailed ballots were not even received, which can make a significant difference in a close election.

My advice (if this is an advice type question) is, you should include the part where Obama is setting up the scenareo that we can’t trust Trump as he might use the Covid crises to interfere with election results.

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On the news tonight, they said he does not have the power to delay the election.

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Obama does NOT have to “set up” a scenario that we can’t trust trump as that was done 4 years ago while Obama was keeping his mouth shut & staying out of politics. Watch him…trump is his own worst enemy as far as looking untrustworthy…he talks out of BOTH sides of his mouth & never does what he says he’s going to do. Plus he throws his friends under the bus & cheats on his wives!!!

@mazingerz88 I see him using the election BS as a distraction for allowing 150K people to die on his watch & allowing the economy to drop 32.9% in the 2nd quarter. He doesn’t even realize that he does NOT have the power to change the election date. Even the Reps in DC are asking him WTF are you thinking donnie??? Even Lindsay Graham was flabbergasted!!!

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250 K by November @LadyMarissa maybe more ! Wear a MASK and stay at home.

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@Tropical_Willie I don’t leave home without my mask & I keep a spare in my car just in case something goes wrong with my regular mask. I have been a hermit since March. I’ve stayed inside so much that I’ve gotten to where I actually ENJOY doing my yardwork because I get to go outsideu!!!

When I go outside my house, I wear my mask under my chin as I have 2 neighbors who are as bored as I am & like to chat over the fence. So under my chin quickly converts to over the nose just as soon as I see either one of them look at me because looking is a dead giveaway that they’ll be moseying on over anytime now. Nobody is allowed in my home either. Both my gates have padlocks to say “STAY OUT”.

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On a day when the GDP decline is one of the worst in US history, he needs to distract the public. And no matter how clean the election is, @yellowdog will not accept the results.

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Yeah that ole mail in fraud thing problem, problem with mail in votes is Putin can’t rig
those in favour of ole Donnie boy.

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It’s a distraction tactic. From GDP and Obama speaking at Lewis memorial.

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He is not joking.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” -Maya Angelou

He is probably trying to run out the clock so the statute of limitations runs out on the state crimes he has committed that he can’t pardon himself for.

Lets stop pretending that he is some mastermind. He is a fucking idiot winging it on the daily.

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^Perfect and very timely quote.

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Who the hell knows. Like I’ve said before, he throws pasta on the wall to see what sticks. A lot of Republican politicians came out to say hell no to the idea, so he’ll probably drop it. Even if he was serious he’ll probably change the topic now.

The virus isn’t going to be better in January, or whatever he is proposing. Moreover, he’s saying the results might be dragged out for months or years. Bullshit.

I’ve been saying for a year he should bow out while the economy was doing well so he could claim he was a great president, and that he chose not to run a second term, he missed his opportunity.

He says he is an absentee ballot because he’s in Washington and he can’t be in Florida. He’s in Florida all the fucking time. What an idiot. It’s ridiculous.

There is no difference between absentee voting and mail-in. A lot of the mail-in is dropped off at the voting locations, that’s what I’m going to do. Trump talks about endless weeks of counting ballots. The only ballots that can arrive after Election Day are out of country voters. The rest of the ballots are arriving at the election facilities like any election.

I think he knows people who become Florida residents to avoid taxes and even have their vote count (because Florida is a swing state, and only swing state votes really count for president in our system) and so since he and his friends work the system they project it onto others. Just like the rich people who use the Medicaid system and then talk about poor people working it.

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Only Congress can alter the date of the general election. And I doubt even the Republicans in Congress are keen on that idea.

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Maybe he’ll convince the GOP voters to get out and go to the polling place instead voting by mail. Then they stand in line with the person coughing and a temp of 101* F that is an active case of COVID-19. That would be bad.

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@SQUEEKY2 It is MUCH easier for Putin or California to stuff ballot boxes with illegitimate votes, or “discover” boxes and boxes of mail-in ballots for the dems days after the election, to change an outcome. If you were really concerned about Putin, who had a good working relationship with Hillary at the State Department level, then you’d be against mail-in ballots.

Are (even) YOU not curious how someone could win the popular vote but not the electoral vote, especially considering that California has so many electoral votes to throw in?

The chances of winning the electoral vote but not the popular is extremely slim, unless there are a lot of ballots stuffed with illegitimate votes.

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Really ! Putin stuffing boxes against his BFF Trump (Putin bought him).

Do you know how mail-in ballots work or do you only listen to Trump?

Who told you all this @Yellowdog “Q” himself ? ?

You really don’t know how the electoral college works right ? California doesn’t have enough electoral votes to override all the rest of the states.

If 45,000 people in three states had voted for Hillary instead of Trump, she would have carried the electoral college and would be President.

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So you’re saying that Trump won because of boxes stuffed with illegitimate ballots.

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Ya know @Darth_Algar I think that may be indeed what he is saying! :D

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Its funny how you can say I am saying the exact opposite.

You can rig the popular vote as you said Putin did—but not the electoral vote (which is what Trump won with).

@SQUEEKY2 said Trump is against mail-in ballots because Putin can’t rig the election with them. Actually, that is the ONLY way to rig an election is with popular vote count. This is very easy to do with mail-in ballots. Its probably what the Democrats will attempt. As in Georgia, they’ll be magically finding boxes of all-Democrat ballots in closets and obscure shelves for weeks.

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You may wish to more carefully consider your wording. Because if you’re trying to say something different that’s not coming that in your post as it is.

I won’t even get into your delusion that Putin wants Trump’s opponent to win.

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I don’t think he is trying to distract anyone. I think he is trying to draw attention to all the problems that have been seen using all mail-in voting, which is what the Dems want for the presidential election. Voter fraud has been rampant, delays have been seen in getting and counting the votes…basically it is an abortion of a way to do an election. I think he is trying to point out the obvious…that proceeding down this path will not result in a fair or timely election.

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@seawulf575 Every news agency has reported that voter fraud by mail is very low to almost nothing, and don’t ya think in the middle of a bad Pandemic it just might be the safest way for people to vote?

I don’t know about you I don’t think waiting in huge voter lines where social distancing can’t be maintained, may not be the smartest thing, you make it sound that you can pick up these voter ballots by the dozens at the local drug store, and would when counted only if done by a registered voter?
Or what is your view of a safe way to vote in a Pandemic that is killing thousands?
This isn’t trying to start an argument I would like your view on a safe method of voting for your country.

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Trump has been distracting all of us every single day since he announced his candidacy with the escalator ride in 2015.

He says something outrageous or stupid every day to make himself the center of attention. That is how he won the nomination and the November election.

And it still works right up to this moment. We talk about him all day, every day.

I have been saying for years that all good people should ignore his yammering. Ignore Twitter, ignore his photo opportunities, ignore his speeches.

Talk only about his official acts – signed laws, executive orders, hiring and firing. Don’t quote his irrelevant bullshitting.

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@SQUEEKY2 Maybe you aren’t up on current events:

Now this one wasn’t specific to mail in voter fraud, but shows how easily an election official can tip the scales and mail-in voting just gives other options to do that:

This one is potentially a “glitch” in the system that sent out the ballots, but shows that error could be impactful. The unknowns are what this glitch was or why it happened only once, or if it DID only happen once:

Back to fraud:

I could go on, but you get the idea. Not only is voter fraud possible, but it has happened and continues to happen. People are even getting prosecuted for it. And it appears to be ramping up this year.

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Noticed quite a few of them were from right wing news sources, but that doesn’t answer what if that is so rampant with fraud, is a safe way to cast a ballot during a Pandemic?

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I personally am a big fan of voting in person. I know…THE PANDEMIC!!! Sorry, that has worn thin as well. It’s okay to protest and riot and loot and no one brings up a peep about the pandemic. But if you want to go out for a drink or want to have a few friends over of even want to go to church suddenly those are horrible things and can’t be done. Using the pandemic as an excuse is being used as a weapon against us. But if you want to vote and are worried about the pandemic, push the basic rules…masks, social distancing. I know I see every day where people are wearing masks (which I think is a stupid thing, but that is another discussion) and are observing social distancing in public settings such as the grocery stores. If they can do it there, I think that people can manage to behave long enough to cast a ballot. Why everyone makes this out to be some crisis and suddenly wants to act like masks and social distancing aren’t enough is beyond me..
As for some of the sources being right-wing outlets, the answer is simple: of course. You don’t believe for one minute that the left-wing propagandists are going to run articles that would contradict the narrative, do you? Maybe you should think about that one for a moment since it is at the heart of so many of the problems in the world. Biased “news” reporting makes sure you only hear one side of things. And I will tell you I hold the Right to the same standards. There are a number of articles I came across which I considered more opinion than fact and refuse to use them. And if you look, there are a couple up there that are actually from government agencies. I went to the source to get as close to the facts as I could. And most of the Right wing articles I find link the sources so you can go verify their data. This is why I always say you should be able to discuss the substance of the links and not the source.

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What I thought was funny was the eulogy of John Lewis. There, where Obama was supposed to be saying good, memorable things about John Lewis, he was vamping up his race agitation skills—but was saying, in a crowded elbow-to-elbow church setting how dangerous it would be for people to vote at polling places.

Of course, he was also saying that the closing down of said polling places was to disenfranchise black voters, But saying social distancing in polling places was deadly while so many were scrunched up against fire codes in a crowded church of an agitated, frenzied, emotional crowd—just so typical of the contradictions,

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So because of the John Lewis funeral, and the BLM protests which people did not practice safe social distancing,fuck just hold an ole fashion voting station and who cares who contracts Covid19 after all they practiced no safety measures at the protests.
I get that right?So who gives a fuck if you have a compromised immune system and catching covid19 will most likely kill you.
The only way in your mind is hold a vote in person election, nice to see how much you truly care for your fellow citizens, between the protests, opening the economy, sending kids back to school, now your way of the election , should have no problem seeing over a million dead by Christmas what a way to bring in the Holidays, you fright wingers make me truly scared to live so close to the USA.

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Also @seawulf575 you say I go extreme who the fuck said it was ok to riot, and loot?
If that is your take guess it’s fine with you for cops to kneel on black mens necks while they are in handcuffs until dead?

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I just read a few of your links and the fraud that was perpetrated was in the Republicans favour, I can see where you would be really upset with that.

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@SQUEEKY2 Why hasn’t your sun set yet?

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@SQUEEKY2 When the protests first started and things were getting violent, many governors changed their lock down rules. No gathering of more than 10 people literally changed to No gathering of more than 10 people unless you are protesting and then should try to keep it less than 100. As for John Lewis’ funeral, how many “regular” people were told they couldn’t have a funeral because of Covid-19? The problem here, and what I was trying to point out, is that the rules are the rules, until they (the elected leadership) wants to change it for their own purposes. And as soon as you start doing that, you are telling one and all that it isn’t as urgent as they were making it out to be…things can be done that we were telling you couldn’t be done. And THAT means they are using the restrictions as a weapon against us. And now we have voting. Social distancing is the name of the game everywhere. Gotta keep the social distancing. Can’t gather in large groups. But you could do that with in-person voting. Easily. As easy as going to the grocery store or to Walmart. But suddenly Oh NO!!! There’s a pandemic so we can’t gather for THAT reason. I’m a bit annoyed at having my rights trampled on only to see them flaunted when it suits the leadership.

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@SQUEEKY2 as for the fraud being perpetrated by Repubs, I view it still as fraud. And if Repubs can do it, so can Dems. And if you look at many of the examples, it looks like people were caught only by sheer chance. It makes me wonder how many times they did it and got away with it? I saw one where the woman collecting mail in ballots threw away a bunch of ballots for the candidate she didn’t like. Someone happened to see them in her trash can. How easy! Just claim you never had them. She would have gotten away with it if she used a shredder or if the trash had been emptied.

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@seawulf575 the GOP has nothing to worry about mail-in voting; Trump appointed one of his biggest donors as head of the Postal service. He’ll run it into the ground in September or October.

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So now Trump is behind it? Ten hours ago, he was against it.

Trump changes his strategy at your whim just to screw us over again!

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@Yellowdog I’m pretty sure trump changes his strategy at his own whim.

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@chyna If trump is so concerned about the electoral process and obviously too incompetent and stupid to take steps to enable ALL Americans who want to vote vote properly as scheduled, should he resign and go suck his thumb in Mar-a-Lago?

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@mazingerz88 The Post won’t allow me onto their site because I use an ad blocker & my browser doesn’t allow them to get any personal info. Plus I REFUSE to pay them to read what they have to say!!! So, what you trying to say???

@Yellowdog I live in GA & our governor is sucking on trump daily. He blocks legitimate voters from getting to the polls IF he thinks that they might vote Dem; so even IF he found Dem mail-in votes sitting on shelves somewhere, he’d declare them as invalid votes & move on to make sure his boy stays in office.

@chyna YES…most definitely!!!

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@LadyMarissa Maybe its because the GA governor doesn’t want a Soviet / China dictatorship.

LadyMarissa's avatar

^ Naw, we lost the Soviet / China dictatorship until we elected our own dictator & he’s working hard to bring them BACK!!! I plan on voting our governor out as soon as he runs again.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

@Yellowdog The GA governor is happy with a GOP dictator with orange make-up and a Baaad damn comb-over. But won’t enforce a statewide mask mandate. ‘Cause his hero said so . . .

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@LadyMarissa Here is the whole article. A book review actually by Weiner on Mercieca’s book entitled ”“Demagogue for President: The Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump.”


A deep dive into President Trump’s doublespeak and other rhetorical tricks

The question of how Donald Trump ever got elected president has stumped some of the nation’s deeper thinkers. Jennifer Mercieca has a compelling answer in “Demagogue for President: The Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump.”

Spoiler alert: Trump is not, in fact, a genius. He’s a sophisticated con man who used the tools of rhetoric to pick the pockets of the American body politic. He double-talked his way to power. He buried his opponents with an avalanche of gibberish.

He convinced more than 60 million Americans that the barnyard odor of his bombast was actually the pungent aroma of pure truth.

How did that happen? This book shows us by dissecting his demagogic language with a particularly precise scalpel. In doing so, it deserves a place alongside George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” and Harry G. Frankfurt’s “On Bulls—-.”

It’s a brilliant dissertation on Trump’s patented brand of balderdash. That makes it one of the most important political books of this perilous summer.

“Political language,” wrote Orwell, “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” As Trump batters our country with his lies, which pummel us like the pellets of a ceaseless freak hailstorm, the falsehoods fly so fast and thick that we barely have a chance to examine them.

How do they work? Why do they work?

Mercieca is an academic, yet her book is mercifully free of scholarly cant. It’s lively, clear, concise and remarkably good-humored, given its ill-tempered subject. She has done her homework and then some, poor soul: “I’ve watched and rewatched every Trump rally,” she writes. “I’ve read Trump’s books.

I’ve watched all of his interviews and read his tweets. I’ve read as many articles as I could about what Trump was doing and why in traditional and nontraditional media. I’ve read white nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and the manosphere — all Trump’s people — which helped me make sense out of Trump’s more perplexing appeals.”

She explains Trump’s demagoguery — no easy matter — by analyzing it through the classic principles of rhetoric. This could be tedious in the wrong hands, but she makes it exhilarating, methodically revealing the insidious crowd-controlling methods of an autocrat.

Ad populum — appealing to the wisdom of the crowd — is Trump’s “many people are saying” strategy for framing his lies.

He has tried to convince the nation “that the corrupt establishment used political correctness to hide its agenda, but that he, speaking for the wise crowd, saw through the corruption and the politically correct doublespeak,” Mercieca writes.

“Hey,” Trump told a rally in Birmingham, Ala., in November 2015, “I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering.” Trump never saw anything of the sort.

When challenged, he first attacked the press, then doubled down before another crowd: “I received hundreds of phone calls over the couple of days since I said it from people saying, ‘Mr. Trump, you’re right. You’re right. We saw it. We live in New Jersey; we saw it.’ ”

Trump is a master of ad baculum — threats of force or intimidation.

Debating Hillary Clinton, he brought out the big stick, as Mercieca reminds us: “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.” When Clinton responded that “it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country,” he interrupted her to sneer, “Because you would be in jail!”

Someday we will look back on the videos of Trump leading crowds in chants of “Lock her up!” and wonder how we fell so far.

Trump also used the trope of paralipsis to pave his path to power. That’s the forked-tongued-devil trick: “I’m not saying; I’m just saying.” It’s how Trump puts out falsehoods thinly veiled in implausible deniability: Oh, I was joking. I was being sarcastic. I never said it.

On the day he secured the Republican nomination in May 2016, he called into “Fox and Friends” with a scalding libel of his vanquished opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz, linking his father to the JFK assassination: “You know, his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald,” Trump said. “Nobody talks about it. . . . What was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald?”

A damnable lie, defended by drivel: “I’m not saying that he conspired; I’m just saying that it was all over the place. . . . I didn’t believe it, but I did say, ‘Let people read it’ ” — as they did in the National Enquirer.

And then he blamed the whole thing on you-know-who: “The press takes that, and they say, ‘Donald Trump and his conspiracy theories; he went out and said his father was with Lee Harvey Oswald, and he assassinated the president.’ What did I do? I know nothing about his father. I know nothing about Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Mercieca defines Trump’s use of ad hominem personal attacks and his “America First” jingoism, along with the aforementioned rhetorical devices, as part of a larger tactic, in which he draws his audience into a black hole of conspiracy theories.

You know it when you hear it from Trump: “believe me,” “this is so true,” “can you believe it?,” “what’s going on here?,” “there’s a lot going on,” “you never hear this” and the ever-popular “nobody even knows about it.”

“Because Trump was wise to the conspiracy, he positioned himself as a credible truth teller,” she writes. “Conspirators would never reveal their plot, which was why Trump was the one and only credible source of information. ‘You don’t read about this, right? They don’t tell you about this. They don’t want to tell you about this,’ Trump said knowingly.”

“Demagogue for President” has one flaw, though it’s part of its design: It’s about Trump’s campaign and not his time in the White House. The pursuit of power differs from its possession. And the one way in which Trump has grown in office is in the ferocity of his falsehoods.

But the book succeeds on its own terms, as a handbook for recognizing the real dangers of his dangerous nonsense.

Mercieca concludes by calling Trump “a new kind of demagogue. He is a demagogue of the spectacle — part entertainer, part authoritarian.”

He has used his rhetoric as a weapon to take advantage of the deep divisions in American democracy, conning the electorate into believing that he alone could heal them. He won by convincing just enough people that there are no facts and there is no truth.

This book can serve as a vaccine against a virus that threatens the survival of our democracy. Lord knows we need it.

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@mazingerz88 That shows you on the left still don’t understand how or why Trump won the presidency.

Yellowdog's avatar

Over the past forty-something months, the Left has become more and more extreme, and has focused on the one and only objective (all else be damned) of getting rid of Trump by any means necessary. Even if it means burning every city down and shutting down every business, or fabricate evidence on charges of fabricated criminal acts.

Constant references to supposed lies, dictatorship, excrement, etc etc have been powered by sheer hate. The hate is not for Trump as much as those who elected him.

Yet Trump’s supposed ‘base’ is America’s base—that is what the Left doesn’t get—yet somehow what these on the left hate most.

In any case, a political coup is the one and only objective—to undermine a free and fair election by any means necessary, as never before attempted in America.

Look around you. There have been no efforts to overthrow the government by this president. Where is the evidence or even the reasoning behind the ‘Russia Collusion’ narrative? Where is the anti-black rhetoric ? These things have been fabricated totally in the minds of the left.

Perhaps you should think through what would happen to this country if you got your wish.

I’m already having to take your medicine for you. The police won’t come in my neighborhood for hours. It used to be, every Friday and Saturday night, amid the big parties that often get out of hand, someone gets shot. The police responded. Ambulances arrived. Order was restored. Not so anymore. Police don’t arrive for hours, and whether or not someone is shot and killed, there is no order. Parties quicky degenerate to riots where any vehicle that comes through the neighborhood is hit with bricks or clubs.

This seems to be the America the left wants. And that’s why they hate Trump.

mazingerz88's avatar

^^That’s one way of looking at it narrow-mindedly, sure.

@seawulf575 Best to look for a review of a book that explains and enlightens why. Probably include good intentions voting for someone like trump? Everyone has good intentions. It’s mainly about what kind of human being you support to represent you in getting to your goals.

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People don’t hate Donnie Boy just to hate. They recognize what an absolute clusterfuck his presidency has been, and what an absolute, unparalleled disaster that has been for the country.

mazingerz88's avatar

@Darth_Algar The only real clusterfuck for @Yellowdog is the opposition to their tortured saint.

seawulf575's avatar

@Darth_Algar Of course people hate President Trump just to hate him. They have been told to hate him. They have had a bogus spreading lies and half truths for his entire presidency. They have seen Dems screaming for impeachment from the time he won the election. They have been told he is horrible and so they believe it. They have been shown hate endlessly and have bought into it. They don’t even care to look into the realities…they just hate. They don’t want to be honest about him.
Then there are those of us that don’t buy into the anti-Trump rhetoric and hate. They see reports of where he supposedly said or did something and dig in to find the truth. And most times it comes back that the liberal media has taken something out of context and they run with it, giving it an entirely different meaning from what was actually said or done. They don’t look at President Trump as being flawless, but they are honest about what he has and hasn’t done.

Darth_Algar's avatar

Good joke Wulfie. You should be a comedian.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

@Darth_Algar It’s the orange make-up that makes him a CLOWN !

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Trump was supposed to drain the swamp, what did he refill it with the crap from a septic tank?
Most of his inner circle has quit ,fired,or in jail, or was that taken out of context?
He has repealed just about every pollution law Obama put in place, who gives a shit about clean air and water ,right?
Gee if he is such an upright Joe why did he lie and try and cover up his affair with a porn star while his wife was home pregnant ?
He can not seem to answer any question lately with out blaming Obama and Biden, I remember the left tried to something similar about GW when Obama was just a few months in and the right freaked OH NO!! this Obama’s watch now leave GW out of it.
Every time the Don father says something utterly stupid or a down right lie, and the left say something about it ,the right claim it’s all hate just pure hate.
Well if the left is all hate ,then the right is all Racists.

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He’s not very articulate and easily confused. He meant to say “dredge” but says “drain” instead.

seawulf575's avatar

@Darth_Algar Actually, I think he said it exactly right. Dredging implies removing material from a water system such as a river or a swamp. If that is all you are doing, you are leaving the swamp in place for more such sediment and sludge to accumulate. When you want to make a swamp into something more useful, you drain it. You block or redirect water sources into it and then drain all the water out. This allows you to make it into something far more beneficial to mankind.

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I think Trump’s true genius is seeing other people’s greed and self-interest through the lens of his own (which magnifies them). That’s how he’s able to manipulate them. To that end, any pretext or device will do, as we see daily.

Unfortunately it also makes him easy to manipulate by the many people who are smarter than he is and likewise unscrupulous, such as certain other world leaders.

Darth_Algar's avatar


Yeah, I know what the fuck dredging is. I grew up where the busiest lock and dam in this nation was. The Army Corp of Engineers was constantly dredging the river to maintain a usable navigation channel. Thing is, when you dredge a waterway a lot of crap floats to the top.

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