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Who is a twin here? (Is it fun?)

Asked by gailcalled (54584points) September 4th, 2008

Besides the good Doc and Bri_L?

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I’m not but my oldest daughter has two sets of them.
And they are fun!

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AC: How did your daughter manage when they were all young? One of my step-sons has one set and it has been chaotic, even tho the kids are wonderful and well-behaved.

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They’re still young, and believe me, it is chaotic. She has six kids, ranging from age five, down to four months.
The oldest set of twins are about to turn three. The second set are about eighteen months. All they need is a housekeeper and they’d be the Brady Bunch!

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Well, I’m an identical twin and, oddly, I have identical twin first cousins. I say oddly because identical twins aren’t thought to run in families (in contrast to the maternal transmission of fraternal twins owing to greater numbers of eggs released). Most scientists think that identical twins are a random event. With an incidence of 1:300 births (speaking of identical twins), having two sets in the same extended family would be rare but not mathematically impossible.

With all that prelude, its hard to answer your question. I’ve always been a twin, and so I cannot envision life without being a twin.

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My daughter’s OB/GYN insists that the odds of having identical twins actually increases if you’ve already had a multiple pregnancy. In her case the oldest set was identical and the second set was fraternal.

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@Shi: AC has me too distracted. One five-year-old, a set of three-year old twins, another set of twins who are eighteen months and thena four-month old? Chuck, your daughter must be a very easy-going woman. Yikes!

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@shilolo: Where’s your better half? Why isn’t he on the site?

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@Andrew. He’s too busy being a radiologist and father of 3 boys all under 4. Plus, I’m not 100% sure he would dig this site as much as I. Despite being identical twins, we have divergent interests. For example, he’s a card-carrying Republican, and I most certainly am not! Likewise, he spends most of his free time playing the Wii, and I don’t own any video games, thought I do enjoy the occasional game. Etc., etc.

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Well, we can always use more diversity here. I’ll send him all the wii questions.

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I have a cyber twin . Does that count? Really, I know we don’t look alike, but we have decided that we are twins and through some cosmic mix up we weren’t born at the same time to the same parents, but hey the cosmos can get things mixed up some times.

BTW, she’s the smarter, prettier, funnier one :0P

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I am a twin and it has been a blessing for all of my 50 + years. As a child, I was never alone, I always had a playmate, and I never had to face the unknown alone. We have a special relationship that is different than the one I have with my other siblings. We are as different as night and day but despite the differences, we share a bond that I can’t explain and don’t even understand. We live in different towns now but often go to family functions wearing matching clothes, although we don’t shop together or do it on purpose. As someone else said, I’ve always been a twin so I can’t imagine life any other way. I don’t ever want to know what it would be like without her.

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I have twins. They are adults now, but we had some hectic times when they were growing up.

Also the family who lived across the street from my parents had two sets of twins, one set of triplets, and a single born. At one time she had five children under there age of five. They are all grown up now.

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@basp; I can’t imagine what that must have been like for your neighbors. The odds of two sets of twins and triplets must be staggering.

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@gasp- Until my oldest grandaughter had her birthday in July of this year my daughter had six children all under five.

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I have 5 year old boy/girl twins. Different, adorable, challenging. Easier now than when they were infants.

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@marissa, cyber twins should absolutely count. LOL.

My mother is an identical twin and fraternal twins run rampant in our family. For both of my pregnancies, my boys grew so quickly the doctor was concerned about twins until the sonogram. Boy did I breathe a sigh of relief each time.

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@mamasu, my father was an identical twin!

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My Mother is and Identical twin and I’m pregnant with twins.

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