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If you could ask one question on Fluther then what would it be?

Asked by doyendroll (218points) 5 days ago

There are so many ways you could answer this question.
One of the best ways would be to just ask the question.
If you had one what would it be?

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When I think of a question, I ask it. I wouldn’t ask it here.

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What is a good site/application to type foreign characters on a mac?

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What good is a question and answer site if you can only ask one question?

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How to know what I really want?

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Is a frog’s ass watertight?

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Why is it that this site is a Q&A site yet there is no Ask function?

Judging by the use of second conditional question, this is an imaginary scenario where you aren’t allowed to ask anything at all, and a question is only a wish, and you are asked what you would ask if you were to be granted that wish.

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Why does Fluther exist?
What do people get out of it?
Lots of possibilities one been socialization.
Another to be heard?
Another just to belong to a collective universe of ideas etc?
If all of the above, then why are “points” even involved?

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Next week’s winning lotto numbers? Anybody?

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Anybody? Oh wait, that’s three.

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