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Have you ever had to use a weapon to defend yourself?

Asked by Coolhandluke (2394points) July 31st, 2020

Military? Self defense? What weapon did you use?

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Self-defense. Fist.

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Made my voice heard.
Violence not needed if one can talk there way out of a situation.

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Nope. Not a fan of weapons.

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Damn mosquitoes. I got out my trusty fly swatter (the black one) and decimated the little bastards.

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Never. I am fortunate, indeed.

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Yes, weapon as well as canine intervention during a home break-in.

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No, but I did use an item of clothing to defend myself against a pocketknife.

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Nothing that I haven’t carried with me from the moment of my birth. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a swift thrust of the head into the bridge of someone’s nose.

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“Had to?” Not sure.

But I did. Was actually very useful in avoiding violence. An idiot skinhead was threatening to kill me. I found and picked up a shard from a broken LP, and held it like it was a dagger. This gave him pause and let me disengage and I didn’t see him again.

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Never, but sometimes I think I should have a weapon just in case. I don’t really want a gun, though. I like the idea of a telescopic baton. That’s Benjamin Linus’ signature weapon in Lost.

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@Demosthenes I’ve been told Bear Mace is the best non-lethal weapon by at least three LEO’s.

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In my slum housing in a bad neighborhood in grades 3–9 I used my back pack as a weapon. I also used shingles as ninja stars. Just to get home. After my growth spirt people left me alone.

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The last time I got into anything resembling a physical fight was when I slammed a car door on a guys chest. About 10 years ago.

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Never had to ,try not to put myself in situations that might require doing so.,
Although I did have a weapon in my hands at one time and would have used it if forced but it didn’t come to that.

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No. Never.

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No thankfully and I wouldn’t want to, I for one do not like guns and such.

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No, I haven’t been in a fight in decades and that was fist-fighting as a youngster.

I was in a situation where I would carry mace and an iron bar to leave my apartment and get my mail (drug-addled unhinged neighbor) but I never had to use them.

I owned a gun at the time, but I locked it up off-site because the consequences of the lunatic getting possession of the weapon were a lot worse than the consequences of fighting him.

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Yes. Mainly my body parts. Fists, hands, head, elbows, knees, and I will bite, if if comes to it.
Retractable baton, black jack, baseball bats, handcuffs, chairs, and pretty much whatever was around me.

Shotguns, and pistols, a couple dozen times. A knife, a few times.
Mace once. I won’t do that again… Blinded both of us…

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Yes. I used my brain. It’s my strongest weapon.

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I hit a dog with my skateboard once. Smacked the thing across the face with it. I was around 50 feet away walking home from the grocery store and a stupid pit that was let loose in the street started running at me so I popped it in the head.

No doubt that it would have bitten me. I just mashed up its nose a bit and it ran off. I would do it again.

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To hold off bad guys from attacking my dad from behind I used a gun. It was dad’s gun he had tossed it to me so the guy he was fighting couldn’t get his hands on it. Dad was a cop but he had no idea he was being approached from behind. I held the gun on them until the cops showed up. They came to me and told me it was okay that they had it. Years later I asked dad if I was aiding a police officer, or helping my dad. He said I was helping my dad.

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