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How can a wheelchair bound disabled person prevent his butt sores from opening?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25177points) 1 week ago

A friend of mine who has Multiple Sclerosis has to spend more time in bed and sit in a wheelchair during the day because of his condition.

He developed a butt pressure sore and despite his and his loving wife’s best efforts to regularly shift his position in bed and in the chair, the sore remains.

They are very much aware of the risks and dangers if this sore does not heal soon. If you have personal experience healing a pressure sore or know of someone who did, your tips and suggestions on how it could be done would be much appreciated, thanks.

Btw, my friend, 60, works at home sitting in front of a computer. He has limited body movement and most of the time uses voice command software.

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I was not in his situation but does he have a soft cushion for his wheelchair with a sheepskin cover. That helped me from getting generally sore last Fall. I can’t be sure if it would help with bed sores.

Otherwise, has he consulted a doctor to proscribe antibiotics and topical antibiotics? Perhaps a visiting nurse can come in for wound treatment..

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@janbb Thanks. I will mention the sheepskin covered soft cushion for his wheelchair. He sits long hours at daytime. From what I understand, it has not opened yet and a nurse practicioner who visits regularly already instructed him what to do but it hasn’t been working.

I think balancing his time between working while in a sitting position and working on healing the sore might prove difficult.

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A donut pillow or other device to remove pressure from the tailbone (I am assuming this is where he has developed an ulcer, but I could be wrong. It’s just most common.)

He should not be sitting or lying on his butt. He needs to be on his side or stomach as much as possible, which I understand might prove difficult with his type of work but perhaps some time off until he’s able to heal this ulcer might be in order? There is no magic fix. Wound care and staying off of it are pretty important aspects in healing an ulcer like that, plus there are lifestyle changes that will need to be practiced as a future breakdown is more likely once you’ve already had one.

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The Roho cushion is designed specifically for this, It might need re-inflating every couple of years.

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^^Yup. Thanks. Just got word he just ordered one of those.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Now there’s an idea. A break from work. Will mention that for sure. He also has a tracheostomy tube and a supra pubic tube right now ( deep sigh ) so I can only assume shifting his position at night would take time and will be totally disruptive to his sleep not to mention his wife’s as well.

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This isn’t specifically for bed sores; but a friend who is a nurse says the hospital where she works often uses this to assist in keeping the skin from breaking down to begin with. It also assists in drying up any sore areas that are in the process of breaking.

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^^Oh thank you. Will definitely show him that. Right now he is using vaseline.

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^ I’m not in the medical profession; but I would think that Vaseline might make it worse as it would keep the skin moist enough that it would break down even faster, making the problem worse!!!

I have a friend who is paralyzed from the neck down & he sleeps on a vibrating pad. He seems to think that it helps because it helps to increase his circulation. Don’t know IF his doc told him to do that or he just decided to do it on his own.

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^^Vibrating pad. Personally I think that could be a good enough idea to try but not sure if he could sleep on it. On the wheelchair I don’t see why not. Thank you.

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