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You always get your flu shot, but . . . how will you feel about receiving a vaccination that comes out of the present administration?

Asked by Jeruba (49774points) 1 week ago

I’m no anti-vaxxer. I get my flu shots faithfully, as well as other stuff, such as shingles vaccines. I’m not afraid of shots. My class was even part of the polio vaccine trials in the 1950s.

But now my badly shaken faith in government doesn’t affect just the outcome of the election on November 3rd. It also affects how I feel about what “they” might propose to inject into my body.

I don’t need to read or see somebody else’s conspiracy theories. I can come up with them on my own. Even though I think that’s nuts.

How do you feel about the prospect of getting an anti-virus injection sometime in the coming months?

And will you still get your regular flu shot this fall or not?

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I trust the Doctors and medical staff.

Lawyers and finance guys not so much.

And his speech writer not at all.

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Yeah, but Dr. Fauci is not going to give you your shot. It’s going to be a tech at CVS or Walgreen’s or an assistant in a clinic, injecting something that comes from where—China?

I’ve never been concerned about this before, not for one minute. But now, well, there are just a lot of possibilities. Not even counting demon sperm and alien DNA.

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The administration doesn’t bother me; the fact that this will be rushed out with little testing is what’ll make me hesitant to get it.

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I don’t get version 1.0 of anything. I’m afraid that a vaccine will be rushed into production without sufficient testing. More likely, there will be several competing vaccines, and then how will you decide which one is for you? I don’t want to be the guinea pig.
And, don’t forget, there has never been any successful vaccine against ANY of the coronaviruses. Not against the original SARS-CoV (the “classic” SARS of 2002–2003), not MERS, or HIV for that matter.
While that doesn’t mean that a vaccine couldn’t be developed against the current SARS-CoV-2 eventually, I think it will require lots more study.

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One I have never gotten a Flu shot as my bodies natural defenses work well with out the input of various chemicals that will disrupt the process.( I am 71 years old now).

I believe that only people who already have there body compromised would need this Flu shot or any other to help fight off a virus more effectively.

As for the Covid antivirus I will not have it as who knows down the line ‘if” it would actually work and also “what” are you ingested with and would that mix cause worse permanent
problems in the long run?

I agree with 2davidc8 comments.

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I’d inclined not to receive my flu vaccination not because it came out of this administration but because there’s evidence OWO, globalists and or Bill Gates helped create it. And if so, it may contains “chips”.

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I was 40 years old, deathly ill, & had my Mother crying because I refused to get the Flu shot. I don’t know IF I would have jumped into getting this shot under any other administration, but I surely DON’T trust this one enough to get in line!!! Mom died 12 years ago, so she won’t get a say this time.

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Good question. I don’t know at this point if I would or not. So many variables.

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Well…I won’t be first in line to get it.

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I will get a flu shot this Fall.

And I will get a Covid vaccine – presumably under the next administration – if Dr Fauci says it is safe and my doctor feels it is as well.

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I will get a flu shot in the fall, and I will get the vaccine that my doctor recommends.

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My worry is less about the safety/efficacy of the vaccine than the distribution and availability. I get a flu shot every fall, I won’t stop doing that, and, like @janbb and @Hawaii_Jake, I will get the COVID vaccine as soon as I can, with my doctor’s recommendation.

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@si3tech So Gates is going to insert a chip into you instead of getting vaccine? ? Asking for a friend !

You really don’t know where you are at !!

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Yes, I get my flu shot every year!

Probably will get COVID-19 vaccine as soon as available. If I get COVID-19 . . . . probably won’t be around in three weeks.

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So, taking my paranoia out for a nice stretch and run this afternoon: @janbb, if Dr. Fauci says it’s safe, how would you know that what you’re getting is the same thing?

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^ How do we know that trump hasn’t forced Fauci to say it’s safe when indeed it’s NOT??? Believe it or not, I trust Fauci more than anybody else speaking out of DC, but my paranoia is strolling along with @Jeruba‘s!!!

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@Jeruba This isn’t like buying Walmart Great Value Diet Cola. The FDA is “on it” the whole time.

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@LadyMarissa Dr Fauci is his own man; he is not like Billy Barr, “Yes master !”

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@Tropical_Willie I agree with that & want to believe it, but I did see his knees grow weak after trump shut him down & wouldn’t allow him to speak. After all, he is human!!!

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Oh, I don’t doubt Dr. Fauci’s expertise or integrity. I don’t think the U.S. has trusted anybody so much since Walter Cronkite died. I don’t believe Trump can make him say anything, or stop him if he wants to be heard.

I don’t think Trump thinks he can compromise him either, or he wouldn’t be telling everyone from his presidential podium that he’s envious of Fauci’s approval ratings.

It’s all the other weak points in the chain that bother me, in a country where major media, drugstore and healthcare networks, and government officials were taken in by Elizabeth Homes.

One of my rules of thumb is that any system that depends on having everything go right all the time is bound to fail.

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There really is no way to be completely certain that the vaccine my doctor recommends will be the same thing that Dr Fauci says is safe. It does require an element of trust. I think my trust comes from some – perhaps stupid – faith that I still have some time to live. I say that knowing full well there’s utterly no guarantee. Part of the faith comes from the Serenity Prayer. I have absolutely no control over the length of my life – apart from avoiding obvious risks – so why spend time worrying about it.

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@Jeruba One of the things that makes me feel more trusting is a clip I saw just today where a Republican congressman was asking Dr Fauci about a report of a peer reviewed test shoing that hydrohexawhatever was effective in treating Covid. Dr Fauci said that anything can be peer reviewed but the test was not placebo controlled and something else. He said that he would only accept that kind of gold standard testing as having valid results.

How do you know that what you are getting is what he approved? That’s true of every drug. and even though there’s a race now to find the vaccine, it doesn’t mean that many will succeed in making one

I’m not saying I will be the first in line (and probably wouldn’t be given the chance to be) but I won’t be the last one either.

And if all else fails, we have @Caravanfan to ask!

And just on a side note, my DIL had the opportunity to be on a conference chat with Fauci earlier this week but couldn’t adjust her schedule. Too bad! But she will be another resource for me.

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Aha. I did some research to find out Dr Fauci’s term for a gold standard test for a treatment or vaccine – “a randomized, placebo controlled test.”

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@janbb, I saw that clip as well, I was very encouraged by it. How disheartening it must be for someone who is one of the foremost experts in the world to have to constantly answer to the drownings of idiots.

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@canidmajor Do you remember that film “Broadcast News” where someone says to Holly Hunter’s character “It must be great to always be the smartest person in the room” and she answers, “No, it’s awful.”

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I remember hearing a saying years ago: “ If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Yeah, what a trial for him.

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This is a rough one. But odds are by the time there is a a actual vaccine that is available for everyone there will be a different President. Biden can put whatever he wants inside of me.

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@johnpowell Is that a campaign promise? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

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I never get a flu shot.

If there is an anti-Covid-19 shot, I’ll research it before deciding.

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I am not concerned that the current administration will do something unscrupulous regarding the vaccine, but I am always a little concerned about new drugs and vaccines.

Most likely the covid vaccine will initially be offered to healthcare workers and people at very high risk if they determine the vaccine is working well and is safe in the high risk group. In other words there will not be enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone right off the bat, so you can sit back and see what happens if you prefer to not be in the first group.

I think the final phase of testing will be on 30,000 people if my memory serves. Although, probably half get the placebo, so actually 15,000 people if I am right about that. The large number maybe makes you more comfortable. Although, if I interpret what you have written correctly, you aren’t usually worried about the testing process until now under Trump.

Keep in mind, older people sometimes do not seroconvert as well as younger people, meaning, sometimes older people don’t get their immunity boosted as much. I have no idea if that will be the case with the C19 vaccine, but that will be interesting to watch for in the vaccine reporting.

I never get the flu shot, but this year I had what I think was the flu in January, and I had a bad aftermath. It’s been months now and I am not 100%. I had been thinking I would get a flu shot this coming season even before this covid mess.

My mom worked for the FDA in vaccinations. She used to collect the adverse reaction forms and enter the data among other things. She never gets the flu shot. My dad gets one every year because he is very high risk. My mom said to me that she will seriously consider taking the covid vaccine. She will be the first to tell you that the FDA has some good ol’ boy stuff going on between some decision makers and pharma companies, and there are some pharma companies she believes to be horrible, so she has some distrust, but overall she believes in the FDA mission and purpose. If she is willing to consider it that means something significant to me. She is not a health professional, she was administrative, but she was in on lots of meetings and around the health professionals on a daily basis.

Also, for many years my mom does not trust medication coming out of China, this is nothing new for me. Sometimes we have no choice though if the drug we need is made there. I doubt the Chinese vaccine will be available here if we have our own. I could easily be wrong. I think if Trump is president he will be inclined to give his American pharma friends the business.

I still am not sure if I would be willing to be in the first round of vaccine receiving people. I do believe I am high risk for serious complication if I catch covid, I take it very seriously. If people seem to be doing fine with the vaccine I probably will eventually get it. I have a very low chance of catching the flu if I am being neurotic about covid and distancing and barely going anywhere, but I am still consider taking the flu shot this year.

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@Tropical_Willie What the FDA calls being on it is allowing the pharma companies to do their own testing and then they read the report generated by the company making it. Any false information put forth remains a mystery until there is a problem. It’s been a really long time since the FDA did any real work toward protecting us from bad pharmaceuticals. It’s all smoke and mirrors

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Sources please @SEKA !

I know a member of the FDA investigation.

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For those of you concerned about being LoJacked by the vaccine, take heart in the assumption that like-minded people are probably already developing the tech to locate and remove such chips in case you decide to go so far off grid that you also abandon all traces of other means of tracking and identifying.

It would probably cost a bundle, so hoard some gold.

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