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What is the typical weight of a Bruegger's bagel?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38068points) 3 days ago

If someone has a scale and a bagel can you please weigh one for me?

I went to the Bruegger’s website and cannot find a number for the weight of a plain bagel. I have the nutritional info for protein 12g, carbs 60g, sugar 7g, but no total weight.

I bought a bag of mini bagels at Tops, and they are 36 grams each. Two of them appear to disappear faster than one Bruegger’s. I’d like to know if that is fact or just an illusion.

Hey, it’s Sunday morning. Surely someone here is having a bagel for breakfast.

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Don’t have a scale or a Bruegger’s bagel here (although I can tell you that Bruegger’s does have great bagels). I know that looking at bags of mini bagels in the store (Pepperidge Farm or other popular brand), I believe that two mini’s are still smaller than one large. I think it may be more like three mini’s per large.

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@jca2 “I think it may be more like three mini’s per large.” That’s about what it seems like to me. But, I’m an engineer and need the data.
Frankly I’m surprised that no one here has eaten a bagel by now. It’s been 3 hours!
...And they need a scale.
...And they need to be willing to actually weigh the bagel before they eat it.

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I have in the house Pepperidge Farm bagels, which are probably not classified as “true” bagels haha. I will look at the package just out of curiosity and let you know, but I know it’s nothing near to a Bruegger’s bagel in size or quality.

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Sorry, it’s Thomas’s, not Pepperidge Farm. The regular size cinnamon raisin bagel is 20 oz (bag of six). Lunch is now a cinnamon raisin bagel with a schmear and some added walnuts.

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Same thing here with Thomas’

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@jca2 Thanks!!!! 20 oz for 6 is 95 grams each, or 2.6 mini bagels.
I hope can collect data from other bagel sources.

Enjoy your lunch!

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Sadly, the closest Breuggers to me is in Huntsville, Alabama. As enjoyable as it would be to make that trip, it’s not worth the effort to weigh a bagel.

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Well,don’t worry. The next time I go to Bruegger’s I’ll get a baker’s dozen and weight them individually, so I can report average and standard deviation. One data point is simply not enough for this kind of study.

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For me, the closest Brueggers is in Orange CT which is about an hour away. I am not over that way too often. There used to be one in White Plains NY, where I would be more often, but that one closed.

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@jca2 as an aside I’ve been to the Orange Bruegger’s many years ago.

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@Tropical_Willie: It’s a small world!

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Yup. We used to craft fairs as vendors in New England. Grabbed breakfast there.

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I ride over that way to go shopping on the Post Road now and then. It’s a far ride from my house but I try to change it up now and then.

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