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How do I apply for the police academy?

Asked by bizman26 (50points) August 2nd, 2020

I am looking into a career in law enforcement but I’m not sure where to start. How do I apply for admission to the academy?

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Call your local police department and ask them. Different agencies have different requirements and different training protocols.

If there is a particular agency you’d like to work for, call that agency.

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Google your local municipality and look under “civil service exams.” If there’s an upcoming test, there will be a post with the job requirements, how to apply, test date, etc.

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Many years ago I contemplated that career as well and checked into the requirements etc
I phoned the human Resources department for Police services and was advised to get into physical shape and make sure that I had the requirements ( educational,experience etc).

I ended up volunteering for YMCA training to become an Aerobic instructor ( 1980’s) and if I agree to teach for five months after I got the Certification as a fitness Instructor that I would not have to pay anything for the training .

I accepted and love it so much that the following years I was actively keeping up my fitness . I even considered taking Recreation Administration that was being offered.

The hiring freeze resulted in a updated requirement that was far from my reach or circumstances ( finances/family) that I could not venture into that Career and thus went a different route .( Computer Programming).

I still love to keep active to keep my weight down when possible as no so much now during Pandemic ( restrictions and danger on the trails as wildlife now overtook the empty trails etc)

I hope to get back on track soon before the Summer/Fall season ends?)

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@Inspired_2write Wait, danger because wildlife overtook your empty trails? Where is that and what sort of wildlife are that dangerous?

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If you are in America, you typically get hired by an agency first. Then they pay for you to go to an academy.

You could just apply to an academy straight up, but that costs a lot ($5,000 where I am). The police academy near me is held on campus (at a college), and they have 2 classes a year.

So to answer your question: Apply to an agency first. Don’t worry about getting into an academy as that happens after you are hired. I wouldn’t just apply to an academy first.

Pick an agency, read up on it, read up on the area they patrol. Learn everything you can about them and make sure that is truly where you want to work.

Dress nicely for your interview, be professional. Be able to answer the question “why do you want this job?” with more than just “I want to help people.” I had some officers come into a class and they said they ask why you want to work at the department, and they also ask you what you would do when not responding to calls. Things to consider (They specifically stated those questions, so maybe they trip people up? Just for you to keep in mind)

There are also multiple steps to the process, so get familiar with how the department does it.

It usually consists of interviews, physical tests, psych tests, they interview friends/family/coworkers. It’s a long process.

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