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What is the most expensive food item that you have ever seen?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17404points) 1 month ago

Covid19 or before.

Yesterday I saw a double beef rib steak for $51 Canadian.

Three years ago I saw a perfect rib roast for $80.

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I’ve bought $110, 8 pound rib roast. Christmas roast.

I’ve seen $400 can of caviar half ounce / 14 grams

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Some $3000 per kilo.

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@Tropical_Willie How many ribs? They usually go from 2 to 5 ribs per roast here.

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@rebbel Wow. Edit. Thanks.

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4 ribs cooked it on ceramic grill.

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A gold encrusted scallop with shaved truffles. No idea what it cost (I just had to photograph it), but I imagine it was pricey. They made fifty of them as part of a dinner party.

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White truffles run over $150 US per ounce. but they taste sooooo good in your eggs!

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No Idea. I tend to avoid places where I’d drop a quarter of my rent (or more) on a single food item.

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Wagyu beef.

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