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Can you make a list of all the good things to have happened to you in 2020?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10472points) 1 month ago


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I can’t think of anything good. I wonder if this question will go unanswered. Has anything good happened this year? Is this year even a reality? I feel bad, and I don’t know why. I want to be safe and I want to be happy, but things keep happening. At what point is it out of my control? because I am trying my best. I can’t think of any other explanations. I go outside a lot. I’m not trying to not take control for my actions. I just think something else is causing this. I think maybe something happened on New Year’s night. Maybe we aren’t real anymore? I really don’t know. But this year has been very bad. I know some of this is because I have been doing unhealthy things that made me so upset I ended up in the hospital. But those things are out of character for me. I don’t think myself would do this so why am I? Why is that the only way for me to feel happy? something is happening.

I think I can make a list somewhat.

3 Good things to have happened to me in 2020:

1) I realize that my life is an absolute mess and even though that reality hurts a lot, I am hopefully going to make myself better soon. When is soon? I really don’t know. I hope it is before I go crazy. Because every day I lose more and more motivation.

2) I realized the very painful truth that I won’t ever be able to trust people. It sucks but it is a reality. I have told some people too much about me and I am scared they will use it against me. I can’t do that anymore.

3) I also realized that I am now in a lot of debt because of the hospital bills and I am hoping it doesn’t ruin things for me. I’ll never pay it off. I hope I can still move out though.

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Nope. Absolutely nothing, sorry.

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^ That is exactly what I mean. Something isn’t right here

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I need to figure out what is going on

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I have lost 20 pounds. But that is due to a diagnosis of Diabetes and my subsequent diet changes.

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I got a free trip to Hawaii.
I have a new grandson on the way.
My wife has become semi famous on some quilting websites.

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Here are my top 3:


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Oh @SergeantQueen… I am so sorry you are going through this. Your 1) does sound like a positive thing. You are figuring it out.

At least one good thing happened to me. In early March, my son, daughter-in-law, and 13 month old grandson flew in from the west coast to attend the funeral of a loved one. That was sad. But while they were here, California closed down and they could not return. So, they’ve been staying with us ever since and it is wonderful!
We get to see them and play with our grandchild and watch him learn. Wonderful! A true gift!

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I have finished the pencil draft of my comic.

I finished my thesis and now it is sitting somewhere in the school’s library.

I don’t have any problem with quarantine. I actually enjoy my quarantine time. I have got so much done thanks to it.

Off-topic, I would like to add my thought to your 2). I used to be someone who was easy to trust and give out information, and it was used against me. But there is a problem with not trusting anyone because of that. A lot of people are decent and if you are to shut yourself off to prevent being hurt, you will shut yourself off from the decent people too. I’ve seen people who turn cynical and selfish because they decided they don’t want to trust anyone, and they aren’t fun to be around and they just add to the negativity of this world, the very same thing they shield themselves from.

It’s not about deciding not to trust, it’s about learning to know who to trust. After going through the cynical mistrust phase, I realizes that the people that hurt me actually taught me how to recognize warning signs of bad people, and my trust in people actually grew thanks to my pain. I learned to let the people who deserve my trust into my life and kick bad people out before they have a chance to hurt me. It takes practice to learn to see through people, but it’s worth it. A rule of thumb is that you don’t reveal much about yourself when you interact with strangers, and you reveal yourself bit by bit as time go on. They have to earn your trust before they know your personal information, and if they aren’t willing to work for it, then they aren’t worth your time.

And if you get hurt again? Well, if you don’t reveal too much sensitive information, then at least you get to keep something. And worst case scenario, know that humans are resilient and you can always start over again. I’ve been hurt before, and I still stand up each time I get knocked down and carry on.

This is also when the good people you manage to gather come into play. They can be a good source of support for you when shit like that happens. Don’t ever underestimate the power of networking. You don’t know when and how the kindness you pass around will come back to you.

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Last February doctors were able to get my heart to beat normally.

I was able to get a very old 1971 Hobie Cat 16 sail boat for nearly free. Rebuilt it. A total blast to sail.

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Let’s see:
1. I was furloughed from my job which sucked, but I was called back in 3 weeks.
2. I have not been sick, nor has any close family been sick with Covid.
3. I’ve saved money by not being able to go out and shop or go to restaurants.

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So far, I’ve managed not to contract COVID-19 or any other illnesses.

I’ve gotten through nearly 5 months of this pandemic, with my health club shut-down for most of it, but I haven’t gained any weight.

Sometimes, no bad news is good news.

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I have a whole lot more free time, as I’m in the office only about 8 hours per week (two half days).

I’m sleeping a whole lot better. If by chance I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m not stressed out about going back to sleep, as I can sleep in when morning comes.

We’re doing more fun “summer things” like swimming in the lake or friends’ pool, because of having more free time.

I’m getting more done in the house, because of having more free time.

I have not gotten sick and no close friends or family has gotten sick.

Work is a lot easier with few in-person meetings or events.

I’m saving on gasoline, and wear and tear on the car, with no five day a week 90 mile per day commute to work. I do that commute two days a week now, so it’s way less.

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My family is healthy.
I got a promotion and a 25% raise.
I bought a Harley.
I was asked to be a road captain for Harley Davidson.
My boss was fired.

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1. I got my artwork into a local art gallery.
2. Lost 10 pounds.
3. Made a couple of new friends

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1. I had cataract surgery and now I can see clearly for the first time in 70 years. I’ve always been nearsighted. Now I only need reading glasses to read recipes and menus. I got the surgery just days before Covid shut everything down
2. All three workers in our immediate family continue to be employed.
3. I homeschool my grandsons, so they did not miss out on any of their educational needs.
4. We recently met our retirement savings goal and any other investment earnings will mean a more comfortable retirement.
5. I got a new automatic recliner for my. birthday. I can adjust the angle perfectly, plus it is a combination swivel rocker. My grandson loves it too.
6. When I ran out of gas on the freeway, I was able to safely pull over and wait for AAA to assist.
7. The same thing when I got a flat tire on on off-ramp. Thank goodness for AAA. And last year when I rear ended a truck, the settlement allowed us to replace the car.
8. All of my cooking experiments have worked out well.
9. When Zander dropped his laptop the extended warranty repaired it, again. This is the second repair in six months.
10. My oldest son actually paid back the money I loaned him. His new wife is a great influence.

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It’s called listing your blessings. I celebrated my 19th anniversary to a wonderful woman. I have maintained a decent job that has kept me working. My kids are all doing wonderfully…no one sick (other than the occasional cold) and all either working or in school. I had a flu back in March or April, but it only lasted about 30 hours. No, it wasn’t Covid-19. My dog has been healthy even though he is getting older. I had a really good steak yesterday. The list goes on. Take a few minutes to look at good things that happen in your life and it takes that time away from worrying about the bad stuff.

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1. Read quite a few books and still ordering more. It seems the more I read the faster I can get though them. ( conditioning , I assume).

2. Lost some weight and wavering between up and down in weight.

3. Got outdoors more often beside errands downtown.

4. Took numerous photographs of people, things. plants. etc and creating a long term project to use them in.

5. Downloaded a free photo software program that allows lots of creative ideas to use.
Took the last few months learning the tools on this program, and I am happy of the results.

6. Saved more money and almost paid off my total credit card off already. Don’t spend as much as I used too and have NOT purchased any new clothes until I get down to my desired weight.

7. Got ahead in my Family research and posted on Genealogy Facebook sites to assist others following the same or related pedigree lines.

8. I am used to working long hours on my own and it does not bother me that I stay indoors to concentrate on this project while some here are going nuts indoors.

9. I can and do at times go outdoors ( weather permitting) to get fresh air and release of ” Creative fatigue and thus come back with another idea or solution ).


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Discovered that even with shipping there are certain types of lumber that are actually cheaper to buy on eBay compared to the local lumber yard. Still a bit blown away by this.

Looking at you hard maple and walnut. I guess the stuff is local there and rare here.

80 bucks worth of hard maple here can be had for 40 eBay with free shipping. bizonkers.

Paid off all my credit card debt.

Paid off some straggling student loans.

Went from making really horrible mashed potatoes to making some bangin’ taters in the span of a few months.

I have been making stuff.

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@johnpowell What is that thing in the photo? It looks like a board of some sort. Really nice looking anyway!

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1. My daughter finished 11th grade with straight A’s, her migraines under control, and she made a new friend.

2. She also did a ton of research and narrowed down her college choices to five.

3. My wife continues to be an amazing person, and she grew a really nice garden this summer. Mmmm, fresh basil.

4. My older doggie has finally accepted our new doggie and they’re now buddies.

5. My three issue comic got published by Comixology.

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I’ve become really close friends with two women in my neighborhood. We are a real support system for rach other.

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Popeyes classic chicken sandwich with extra pickels..Oh,...and that’s about it…

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I am now up to (down to) an almost 30 pound weight loss this year !

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@anniereborn That’s great!

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