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Do you like swimming for exercise?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2143points) 1 month ago

Why or what not? If so, where do you swim and what is your favorite way to swim?

I love swimming and being in the water. I feel swimming is possibly the best exercise, because it uses all of your body muscles. I do it both for exercise and relaxation, not to mention fun. Usually I do about 70 laps in the lanes. I was doing it at least 4 times a week up until our public pool closed, due to Covid-19. It’s indoors and open year round otherwise.

When I was a young boy. Dad would always make sure any motel we stayed at had a pool so we could both use it.

Not sure if anyone here has their own personal at home pools.

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I aqua jog. I also liked walking as deep as I can go and back to the shallow end. Its fun. When I was in my home town.

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I love it. I haven’t been doing it lately. I hate when the water is too cold and difficult to get in.

I had my own pool at a house I owned 15 years ago. It was nice having my own pool. I made it 40 feet across to be able to do a mini-lap. Now, I live in a city that has over 100 pools I can use. I have two within 15 minutes that are specifically for laps. I have 3 pools within 5 minutes from my house that are more for splashing around, but I do some laps when people will let me. Some people will move to one side, and some are oblivious.

My mom goes swimming almost every day for the past 40 years. She hasn’t been able to swim in months because of covid. My grandmother taught me the most when it comes to swimming. She taught me how to breath when I swim, how to hold my hands, and basic stokes like the crawl and the breast stroke. My mom doesn’t put her head under water. My dad taught me the side stroke and to float on my back and how to dive.

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I used to love swimmnig; but the stroke took away my ability to swim, so I’ve not been swimming in 30 years or so. I no longer own a swimsuit.

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@LadyMarissa You can’t still enjoy the water? This is very sad to me. Most pools now have devices to help the disabled into the pool. I don’t remember in which way your stroke disabled you. With covid now Going to the pool is difficult anyway. I keep saying I’m going to go swimming, but my pools here have been too crowded for me for my comfort. I need to scope out the times there is a lull.

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I like swimming in a freshwater lake most! It just feels nurturing to me.
Unfortunately I don’t get a chance to do that very often, but I enjoy it when I can.

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Not until I lose weight!

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@Inspired_2write But swimming will help you lose weight, it’s a good way. I lost over 20 lbs doing it.

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I like sex for exercise better.

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I wouldn’t be caught dead in the shape that I am in now…at least not yet,besides our only recreation center is closed (Pandemic regulations).

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