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Are things weird for you guys, too?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10446points) 1 month ago

Maybe it’s just me. I’m just starting to wonder if this year is real or if it’s a dream. I don’t just mean all the stuff in the news like the Virus or the civil unrest. I just mean in general, things feel very off for me. Like nothing is really going right. I just keep waiting for things to get worse, I guess.

It’s a weird state to be in and I’m curious if it’s just me. I feel like I am floating through life and that I don’t have any real control. It’s starting to scare me a bit. Maybe it is because of all the stuff in the news. I don’t know.

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I can’t sleep either. I forgot to mention that in my post. My sleep schedule is off but I can’t sleep when I’m tired. I don’t really feel like I’m actually here.

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You might be interested in the book The Holographic universe by Michael Talbot. I believe that the best and worst times of my life are repeating. I have even wondered if I was in “The Truman Show” or a zoo.

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That book sounds interesting. I never considered the idea that a hologram could feel things. I wish they would turn it off.

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@SergeantQueen The last month or so I have had weird deep dreams. Very descriptive images of places changed in places that I haven’t been to in years. Like my old slum neighborhood got turned, mostly, into a work camp. It was a hell hole and I only would return if I could sue my bullies and the landlord who didn’t evict them.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Me too. Do you care to share? I cannot remember mine in great detail but I have woken up many times feeling very scared and unsafe in my room. I never sleep with lights on but now I need to or I get too paranoid to sleep. I do not remember this happening until recently in my life, when things have started to slowly change. I don’t feel like my world is the same anymore.

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@SergeantQueen I keep dreaming that I lose most of my teeth. Also that I slip and fall while taking a shower. I dream that my parents and family die and I live forever alone.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That is scary. I hope that doesn’t actually happen. That wouldn’t be good. I hope you have a good dream tonight instead.

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I forgot to make my bed this morning, and that left me with an uneasy feeling all day.

The tiniest things have been causing me anxiety. It has never been this bad for me before.

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@SergeantQueen I put too much pressure on myself too. I used to feel like I have to be perfect. Now I think that I have unlimited do overs, and I let stuff slide. Money and medication help.

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I have been strongly considering medication. I think I am able to get it for cheap. Does it help you feel real?

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I just noticed you are editing all your replies after I have read them? Or am I just missing all of that?

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@SergeantQueen It helps me feel less scared of making mistakes.

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It’s a weird year for a lot of people. Covid changed a lot of things for a lot of people.

If you are socializing less that really starts to affect people over time. It can give us an uneasy or melancholy feeling.

I was having some trouble sleeping, but I just stopped taking a medicine I started about 7–8 months ago and I’m sleeping better, so maybe that was the predominant reason I wasn’t resting well? I also have had lung trouble for months, which I’ve never had before, unless you count my golf cart accident when I had a tear in my left lung. That as totally different. Because of the lung trouble I haven’t been able to exercise much.

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@JLeslie I have been socializing. But I Have been socializing with people who make me feel really bad about myself so maybe that is why. They are nice people, but it is not healthy for me to be around them. I am lonely and I want to feel safe really bad.

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I think it sucks how things always snowball.

You start medication -> your body does weird things
you stop medication -> your body does weird things
Something happens with you -> now you can’t do x,y, and z

I know everything has a “consequence” but why can’t things just happen?

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Everybody I talk to feels the same way. Something isn’t right and it’s freaking me out

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@SergeantQueen You want to feel safe in what way? About covid?

Don’t socialize with mean people. Can you reach out to some old friends maybe or family? It’s a hard time to make new friends with this covid situation. What about taking an online class or looking for a group that you have common interests with the members.

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school will be starting soon. Maybe that will help.

I want to feel safe in every way. Mainly in my head. Not just about Covid. I wear a mask. I have stopped reading the numbers. That gave me a panic attack.

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@SergeantQueen Are you in college?

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Yes I am. I am also in clubs.

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@SergeantQueen I would think this is very hard on young adults. When I was young I always wanted to be with friends, I hated being alone. Will school be normal like usual? Are they requiring students to distance and wear masks? Do you live on campus?

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I live at home, they are requiring us to distance and wear masks and one of my classes are online. one out of five total.

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@SergeantQueen Hopefully, you feel better soon. Probably school wil help things feel normal again. What is your major?

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I am majoring in Criminal Justice @JLeslie

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That’s interesting. Do you know specifically what you want to do with the degree? Everyone I know who majored in criminal justice seemed to already know what part of the system they wanted to work in.

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I think I want to work more in social work, like victim advocate.

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Well. The unknown, is the basis of most of human fears. Like the fear of the dark, or water, or death, for example.
In these times, there is much unknown, about what lies ahead.
It seems perfectly reasonable, to be uneasy, with so many unknown variables…

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My dreams are crazy. Seems that the more REM sleep you get the dreams can be vivid, in my case anyway.

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I’m sleeping way better too. I really like it.

Sometimes when there’s something going on where there are multiple people in one place with masks on, I look at everyone and think how bizarre this time is, and how we’ll look back on it as being so weird.

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It’s been horrible. We are STILL waiting on unemployment. Its been 3 months. And we can’t get ahold of anyone to ask them what’s going on. We’re almost broke.

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Things are very weird. I started dating a man in February. Everything shut down here in mid March. We’ve been texting daily with weekly phone calls and occasional socially distanced dates on the lanai. It all feels bizarre. Too weird for words. He came over last night for a date, and we ate in the garden. When it started to rain, we moved indoors and ate at the kitchen table. It was a good evening. Lots of very good conversation, but it’s just weird that we’re taking all these precautions.

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There’s very much a dream like aspect to living these days. While personally, things are going probably better than I deserve, it appears the country around me is disintegrating as I watch. It’s like witnessing a slow motion disaster with things leaning and crumbling in front of me, but helpless to prevent or even retard the assured destruction. The handling of the virus is merely another indicator of the viability defining this society in dealing with its ever mounting crises. So here I am
afloat in a sea of needless dystopian suffering with no end in sight.

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Have you eaten any weirdly coloured pills recently?

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House is officially on the market. I’m really conflicted about it.

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slipping. Slipping, whether it leads to falling or not, can represent “losing your footing”—meaning losing a solid foundation, such as a firm belief being shaken, losing faith in an ideal or in a person, or losing a feeling of security or dependability in your life.

slipping dream symbol in The Curious Dreamer Dream › dreamdictionary › symbol

Also if one eats a large meal just before bedtime will guarantee weird dreams attributed to the digestive system overworking when it should be at rest. Quite common to have if one is eating foods that keep one awake ( sugars).

As for the dream of parents and family dying..means that you don’t need them as often or anymore since so you have hit a milestone in your life where you are independent and in control of you future without interference from them.

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Weird behavior from a neighbor the other day.

I was waiting for an new acquaintance to knock on my door when he was ready to go out for coffee downtown.

A slight knock at my door and when I opened it there he was standing an unusual distance from my door(? front of the laundry room).

This Pandemic is causing outbreaks of arguing among each other etc.

Anyways i said Hi and he stated do you want to go for coffee? I stated yes, give me a moment to get ready.

Out of the laundry a lady stands beside him but in between us and JUST stares and listens!
I just looked at her waiting for her to say something.

( I did not know what she wanted nor what she was doing?)

I looked at him then her questioningly. No response until SHE stepped forward closer to me
( almost an intimidation?)

I looked into her eyes and felt that she was aggravated in someway?

I looked back at him with a “what the ..look” and then I said again just a second I will get

ready , maybe come in and wait of which he did threw his arms into the air at her as she got


I was ready to go by this time and when I opened the door , thankfully she was gone down the elevator???
While having coffee at a local restaurant we talked about a variety of topics but I never asked him about that strange incident.
I wonder if that was a game to get one jealous of something?

I Had talked with him before a couple of times in the last two weeks while doing laundry at

the same time and I told him that I am NOT looking for a boyfriend, but just a friend AND that

I need to get to know someone BEFORE getting involved( like months etc).

There is too much drama here in our building as the women and men gossip and interfere in everyone’s life.
As I have goals to complete I do not socialize ( rarely) with anyone here in this building anyways.

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It’s a very tiring , down experience making me feel like I’m a different person or living in a strange land. Couple that with a husband who died two months ago and it’s super bad. Feeling abandoned and unsafe is a good way to put it.

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