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What do you think of the following information about creationism and human evolution?

Asked by luigirovatti (1905points) 1 month ago

Creationists believe that the universe was created in seven days. Yet the Torah makes no such claims. It refers only to seven “periods of time”, or yom, which meant aeon in ancient Hebrew. The error appeared as a result if translation between Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Therefore, the supposed creationist age of the Earth as less than 10,000 years is baseless. Another creationist myth is that we evolved from the apes. We evolved alongside the apes and continue to do so. Our evolutionary paths diverged from a commin ancestor some 8,000,000 years ago (maybe in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, who knows, lol), eventually diversifying into some 20 different hominin species. But by the last million years or so, there were only 4 species of man left walking on Earth: Homo heidelbergensis, from which Homo erectus and Homo neanderthalensis evolved, and our direct ancestors, Homo sapiens, who dwelled in Africa.

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common ancestor”, sorry.

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The analysis that concludes the Earth was created in seven days, and further that it is 6,000 years old was ludicrous in the first place. That’s dependent on both the inexact translation from original languages to English, and the idiotic literal interpretation of the words associated with time periods to mean exactly what English speakers would think them to mean.

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Doesn’t the Bible say that for each of the 7 time periods that there was darkness and then light? If we are talking about eons instead of days, that would make for very long durations for the darkness and light.

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@luigirovatti “Another creationist myth is that we evolved from the apes…”

I would say that this is a well-supported hypothesis, consistent with all evidence ever discovered including genetic evidence, morphological evidence, fossil evidence, paleontological evidence, geological evidence, etc. Characterizing this as a “creationist myth” is not accurate.

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Human evolution is fact. Creationism is bunk.

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I am just confused to even tell an anser

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I think like any other fairy tale, this one works well for preschoolers.

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