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What do you think about the following information about human extinction?

Asked by luigirovatti (1905points) 1 month ago

The warming after the Last Glacial Maximum was interrupted by an event called the Younger Dryas, an extreme thousand-year chill that caused the Holocene Extinction Ecent, when all the megafauna like mammoths became extinct. Mankind also almost died out. A charred sediment layer at many sites that includes nanodiamonds, iridium, charcoal, and magnetic spherules is consistent with a major cometary strike at that time. The airburst explosion of a carbonaceous chondrite comet could have caused the major extinction about 12,000 years ago.

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While it has not been proven, that theory is not so far fetched. People have been studying a potential asteroid strike around that time that coincided with evidence of burned forests, megafauna extinction in the New York area.
Look at a map of the Canada- New York Finger lakes region with Lake Ontario in the center. Now look at the shape of the bodies if water. They seem to radiate from a spot in Lake Ontario called the Rochester Basin about 30 mile north of Sodus and 40 miles west of Selkirk Beach. The pattern extends from about the 1:00 position to the 9:00 position – the same area that was not covered by the glacier at that time.
An archeological dig of the of the Hiscock site in Byron NY has quite a bit of info relating to a big discontinuity at that time. They were able to correlate it with ice core data that indicated a year when the temperature did not drop below freezing in the region. +/- 25 years.

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A fellow named Graham Hancock has some interesting things to say about the vent.
It appears that not only was there a comet impact but that the impact hit smack into the North American Ice Sheet that was two miles thick at that time. Besides the Rochester Basin mentioned by @LuckyGuy, other impact sites were shielded by ice and don’t show as much on the ground as they otherwise would have.
When it did hit the ice sheet, a HUGE amount of ice was melted and raised ocean levels over 400 feet in a few days.

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How is that about Human extinction?

Humans are a far older species than 12,000 years.

We’re on course to kill ourselves off by destroying the ecosystems and other species that are required to keep Earth habitable by us, in much less time.

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