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Do you see Mike Pence as President in four years? (P&R)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17393points) 1 month ago

What would that be like?

Humor welcome.

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In January 2021 !

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No, he has too many negatives. He can’t meet with Nancy Pelosi one on one without his wife present.

Plus, he isn’t the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

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Everyone Trump touches become toxic. It is amazing people still work for the guy since they end up disgraced or incarcerated.

I guess book deals are lucrative because that is about the only reason you would barf all over your resume.

Latest example.. Brix. Once highly respected. Six months with Trump and now everyone hates her.

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No. It would be worse than having the pope be president.

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Oh, gosh, no. Not ever.

Having said that, though, I’d crown him president tomorrow if it would get Trump out of there.

I am steadfastly keeping my promise never to say again “It can’t get any worse,” but really—could it?

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What would that be like?

He’d put all the gays in Christian re-education camps? :P

But no, I don’t see Pence as president. His function is to secure the evangelical vote for Trump. He doesn’t have the appeal that Trump has.

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No. The man’s about as riveting as watching grass grow.

And any man who calls his wife “Mother” has got some some issues.

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Dear lord, No!
@Darth_Algar just reading that he calls his wife “Mother” made my stomach roll over.

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NO, he had no real political future until he started kissing trump’s ass!!! Even then, he was brought on board to draw in the religious right.

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Without a doubt Pence will still be VP! President? Not sure. He just hangs out in the background, doesnt make waves and is a nice man.
Sorry; no coffee yet. lol

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I worry it will be much worse. The DNC evolving into the party of the virtue-signaling, oligarchy and abandoning their FDR, working-class mission is going to continue to open up avenues for extreme right-wing populists. What would be really scary is one who is as evil as Trump, but more competent at achieving his/her goals.

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No, because he ruined those chances when he submitted to Trumps whims.

That is why he is passive as was probably grilled/threatened by Trump that he would ruin his life of which he already has.

( I bet in the background Pence is afraid of what Trump and or his friends in high places would reduce Pence too. ( employment,scandal,embarrassment, media attention ,make havoc with is family ( divorce, losing close ties)etc)

A leader stands up to voice his /her concerns in a confident manner by using his logic and intellect and NOT creating havoc or dictatorial ways.

Pence would be better to slide away from Trumps influence, but I am sure Pence has no where else to go without Trump hurting his chances of any kind of ambition?

Pence has been painted in a corner of which will close in on him..only release is IF Trumps loses the Election?

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Pence could not take the abuse Trump does, nor is he likely / poised to be any kind of leader.

When Trump wins in 2020, look to cities like Minneapolis or Chicago, L.A. or Portland, to see the Scorched Earth policy of so many rioters arsonists, Black Lives Matter, etc etc.

y’know—stuff that is REALLY, actually happening—not your fantasies about concentration camps for gays, etc etc,.

When Trump is gone, America is just another Venezuela, owned pretty much by China.—because no one will want to be President after seeing what happened to Trump and those who support him. If Biden wins, the chaos starts earlier, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. All of whom are supported by the Justice Democrats political action committee, and currently hold safe seats in the US House of Representatives, to run the country.

Its time you start looking at the current actual actions and stated intentions of those anti-Trump agitators to see what America will be like when Trump is gone and nobody wants to take the abuse, defamation, political incarcerations.

I am already scared for my own city—we are 700 police officers short of where we need to be and had 45 deaths from gunshots last month. None of the killers were white but my city has declared defunding or cutting the police force because ‘White Supremacy” has been declared a “Pandemic” in my city (declared a week after Covid was declared a Pandemic).

Some say that it really makes no difference who is President. The harm comes from the people. Look around you and I think that statement is true, But its not about concentration camps for blacks and gays and Hispanics. Its like the scorched violence and mayhem in the inner cities.

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@gorillapaws You can say that again. 100%.

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Probably not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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@Yellowdog “Pence could not take the abuse Trump does”

Every president receives sharp criticism. Every single fucking one. Most can handle it. Most. Not Trump, though. Unfortunately he never learned how to handle his emotions like an adult.

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True. Obama was reputed to be born in Kenya, I DO recall that.

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No, I kept hearing that he was planning to run against trump this year; but it appears that he chickened out

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No. I don’t even think Trumpers know Pence exist. He’s a pocket puppet that pulled out every once in a while for Evangelicals. I bet if he ran in 2024 and said he was VP during Trump a good portion of the country would say, nah, it was some other guy. We can’t remember his name, but it wasn’t you.

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@SEKA Never happened.

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Only if drumpf wins the election and then dies from an aneurysm when he has one of his daily tantrums.

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@Aster My opinion is that he is actually NOT a very nice man. He is very anti-LGBTQ when it comes to legislation, to me a super right extremist. He also supports conversion camps and is against SSM and SS adoption, among other things.

I’ve always joked he’s Anderson Cooper’s super-Christian/evil twin doppelganger.

He is a prime example of the Right not keeping to seperation of church and state in lawmaking, to me. Bill of Rights, First Amendment.

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IMHO Anderson Cooper is much better looking. :-)

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Mike Pence looks like “generic white evil politician man” from terrible hollywood action movies or call of duty type video games.

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And if he gets any older, he will start looking like the crypt keeper.

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@chyna Oh yes, I adore Anderson personally and professionally. He’d be a much better candidate than Biden for the election, to be frank.

Maybe you’ll enjoy this video:

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Wow that was very enlightening. Or actually, not. I’m glad I’m not a parent trying to make such hard decisions.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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I think that frozen Key Lime Pie made from yogurt and pine apple is good and tasty too

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