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Did you know there is a recall on onions?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (26512points) 1 month ago

Apparently all onions from Thomson International Inc can be contaminated with Salmonella, here’s the FDA web page with recall details

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Red ones ?

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All onions from Thomson International ! Red, white, yellow and sweet yellow.

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Much grass for the heads up.

It prompted me to examine the organic sweetie I bought last Saturday. It’s a BAKO, distributed by Country Sweet Produce.

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Red onions…salmonella.

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All onions from Thomson ! @si3tech

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Yes they pulled all off the produce sections.
A couple of years ago it was bagged salads, same thing.

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Yesterday they announced it was just the red ones. Last night they said they were recalling all of them due to possible cross contimination.

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Yup, a friend told me two days ago. She texted me while I was eating. I heard the text come in, but finished my lunch with my husband, which was chicken and lots of pico made with fresh raw onions, and some lettuce. Then I looked at her text after I had just eaten all of those raw onions. LOL. I checked the half of the onion in my fridge and it seems it was not from the bad farm.

She also told me there was a beef recall. I just ate some beef, so hopefully that’s ok. I cooked it through.

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Hmm, I’ve got an organic red onion from Kroger-owned Fred Meyer mixed into some veggie burger patties… I wonder if those were possibly part of the problematic distribution?

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@Zaku If it’s cooked through it should be fine.

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Yes cooked onions are okay but the uncooked onions could contaminate your hands, counter or anything the onions touch while they are uncooked.

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