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Can you recommend one video or one document that makes Microsoft Teams easy to understand?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32583points) 1 month ago

And give us a link?

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Have tried Microsoft Teams training ? I can’t get it to hyperlink.

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This one seems fine. It’s very user friendly once admins create your groups.

Other than your main Teams tab, there’s person to person chat, then meetings of course.

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No. I had to learn it by hand; I haven’t seen anything useful online for instruction.

Having said that, it is a PIG of a program – takes up way too much memory and processor time. Half the time I have to close Teams when I am doing a presentation because it is such a pig.

Skype for Business (its predecessor) was much better with many more features.

But this is progress.

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The company I work for is in the process of phasing out Skype and urging people to use Teams. And I agree with @elbanditoroso, it’s not only a pig but takes up a huge amount of screen space.

And we are struggling because people can’t figure out how to use it with ease.

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When you have some free time check out the background selection for meetings. Good stuff.

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@KNOWITALL thanks for the video. We have just started using it for everything except video conferencing. We’re using Zoom for that because it’s a better user experience.

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Personally, I find it very easy to use. I just messed around with it for about 30 minutes. I’m sure there are things I’m missing, but it’s easy to do what I need to do. Do you have a specific problem?

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It’s not a specific problem. I’m just not used to it yet, but I’m getting there. When I use it on my laptop at home, I have to download the files to get them to open. That’s a minor irritation. That’s all.

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@Hawaii_Jake Are you using the File tab on top? If you’re using the message board (Posts tab) on teams, you have to download but if you use File tab, they should be opening immediately without downloading.

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I’m using the file tab.

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@Hawaii_Jake That’s odd. Mine auto load in File tab.

Maybe reset your servers? As others said, it’s a pig, wondering if you need to upgrade bandwidth to use properly.

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