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Am I risking amputation by not seeing a doctor?

Asked by bizman26 (50points) August 6th, 2020

I have a stab wound from a piece of glass about 2 inches in width. What can happen if I don’t get treated. It has been about 72 hours since I was stabbed but going to the local hospital is not an option. I need to know the risks and all so I can make a decision. I have severe pain and can longer feel my foot in the leg that is wounded.

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What decision is there to make if you will not go to the local hospital? That leg needs to be seen asap!

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You are definitely risking serious consequences. Go see a doctor.

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You can get an infection that can get in your blood stream. This condition, known as sepsis, can easily become fatal, especially if ignored. If things are getting worse and you can’t feel your leg, you need to see a doctor ASAP.

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Severe pain can raise your blood pressure, and not feeling the foot at all is worrisome. You must find a free clinic or something immediately.
I’ve cut my feet a million times and never had either of those so it seems abnormal.

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I’m not a doctor.

Severe pain from a cut after 3 days and losing feeling is an EMERGENCY.

Do you have a fever? Nausea? Is the area red or red streaks?

You are risking dying not just amputation. You should barely have pain after 3 days if it was healing correctly and not infected.

It could be a necrotizing bacteria.

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Doctor time.

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Not to pile on, but you absolutely need to seek professional advice. It would be horrible to lose a foot over something that could’ve been easily taken care of.
Good luck and let us know how this turns out.

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You have a critical medical emergency! Get help NOW!

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See a doctor NOW!

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As someone who goes to the doctor as my very LAST option, GO TO THE ER!!! Or at a minimum, go to Urgent Care IF they’ve opened back up in your area. IF this wound was healing properly, you should have gone from “pain” level down to “sore” level. The fact that you can’t feel your foot says that you have some significant damage going on in there that needs to be treated BEFORE you get to the place of amputation!!!

IF you still can’t get into your ER due to the virus, at a minimum you should use the contact a doc via your cell. That way they can assess the damage & get you into their office or the ER as they see fit. Or maybe they could tell you how to treat it at home with minimal danger. Here, the hospitals are focusing mainly on covid, but they will still take walk-in emergencies.The tele-doc can put you on a list to be allowed in immediately.

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im good now yall I was able to get help. they told if I would have waited a few more hours I would’ve had sepsis

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^Good news.

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Yay. Good luck in recovery. Stay away from glass

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Are you in an urban area? Where did you go for treatment?

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No Rural I had someone come to me.

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